Ephemeral tattoos, the bet of a new company in New York

Between the indelible stamp and the stickers, a New York company is currently proposing an intermediate alternative: an ephemeral tattoo that disappears after a year and that aspires to open the market to a new clientele.

Abigail Glasgow decided to get an “m” tattooed on her forearm, the first letter of her boyfriend’s name. A risky decision? “It’s going to go away, so I don’t worry too much”says the young woman with a malicious look.

After six years of development, the Ephemeral company found the formula of an ink composed of biodegradable polymers, which dissolve naturally between 9 and 15 months after being injected following the same procedure as a classic tattoo.

When I was a student at New York University (NYU), Josh Sakhai, one of the three co-founders of Ephemeral, wanted a permanent tattoo. But “I was afraid to get engaged,” recalls the young man of Iranian origin, whose family is not adept at tattoos.

He then came up with the idea of ​​getting a temporary tattoo, creating an evanescent ink that required 50 successive formulas. Sakhai tested several of them on himself.

The formula was made in a laboratory in Milford (Connecticut), in collaboration with dermatologists and only from components already authorized for other products by the US regulatory agency (FDA).

The tattoo does not fade or fade over time, as some perms do, Sakhai says. The lines remain clear and the drawing disappears evenly.

For now the tattoo is only available in black ink, but one day other colors could enrich the palette, he says.

With information from AFP