Envy? Evil eye? Mhoni Seer reveals how to remove them

Envy ?, Evil eye ?, Mhoni Seer reveals how to remove them | Instagram

The famous Cuban Mhoni Vidente, always concerned about the future of others and her most fervent followers, has decided to reveal how to detect the evil eye, envy and witchcraft and more than that, how it is possible to eliminate them from our lives.

Whoever became famous thanks to his participation in television programs such as Sabadazzo, Hoy y más, decided to take this topic on his official YouTube channel, where we can find this video to rescue each of his recommendations.

Mhoni Vidente has shared that envy is a natural human feeling, it is sadness or anger towards another person. The famous one pointed out that the famous “envy of the good” does not exist and this is the deepest negative feeling that human beings have.

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The dear seer pointed out that envy comes from very close people, family, acquaintances and has sign

adored how to cut envy. Mhoni Seer indicated that perfume should be applied just before leaving home, specifically, on the sternum, neck and back; This action helps cut the envy of those close to you.

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Put on a lot of perfume before going out because envy is the essence of the human being and perfume cuts it off!

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Mhoni Vidente highlighted that another option to have these results is to place a glass of crystal clear water under or next to the bed before going to bed; Before this, you should take a sip of it.

The famous one pointed out that when drinking water energy is placed in the water and the negative remains in the water, so when waking up in the morning it must be thrown out of the house.

The seer also spoke of the evil eye, which she assures is even stronger than envy and contaminates the practice of the one who receives it. Mhoni assures that people can even feel bad or uncomfortable.

The Cuban shared as symptoms of the evil eye: falling down, things falling out of your hands, that your head or neck starts to hurt a lot like a migraine, your appetite goes away, you don’t feel like anything, always you want to be asleep, they rob you of energy.

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Mhoni Seer ensures that for the evil eye they must place perfume on a red ribbon and put it on the ankle or right hand tied with three knots, when it falls and they find it it must be burned. Dear Mhoni gave some more recommendations that you can see in her video.

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