Long weekend around the corner and in times of closure due to the coronavirus, It is good to spend the days watching some new series on the Netflix platform. Netflix: The 10 shocking series based on real events.

If before we had already fulfilled the deliveries of police series, of sports, thriller movies and comedies, now it’s the turn of the 10 best series based on real events offered by the streaming site.

On Netflix there is something for everyone and in the selection you will find from productions that have a eccentric businessman who is engaged in the marketing of tigers to the story of a girl who decides to escape from her Jewish community to discover the world. Puts play.


Little Orthodox

With few weeks since its debut in late March, this production will leave you wanting more: it is a fictional series based on the autobiography of Deborah Feldman, a girl who decides to leave her Jewish community to embark on her discovery to the world. With just 4 chapters, the story tells the life of Esther who leaves her imprisoned life in New York to escape with a few dollars to Germany where her mother lives leaving behind the overwhelming pressure to marry and have a child.

Tiger king

This 7-episode miniseries contains all the elements that any viewer would want: crimes, betrayals, mayhem, and insanity. The story tells of the rivalry between millionaire tiger merchant Joe Exotic, known as Tiger King, and the owner of a feline reserve, Carole Baskin, who apparently hides a dark secret. No one can be indifferent to the lifestyle of the eccentric merchant who, with striking and provocative clothing, defines himself as a “gay big cat lover”.

So they see us

The plot of this miniseries shudders from start to finish as it tells the story of 5 young African-American men from New York, who in 1991 were sentenced to prison for a rape they did not commit. The series shows how a case that seemed solid, with “irrefutable” evidence thanks to forcibly recorded confessions, would soon become one of the greatest shames of the American judicial system. The production also offers a journey into the intimacy of its protagonists and how they fought to regain their innocence.


This shocking original Netflix series is based on a real case after a Pulitzer-winning investigation of a young woman who was raped came to light in December 2015, and was later totally ignored and violated by the police system. American. The production stars Toni Collette and Merritt Wever, who play detectives Grace Rasmussen and Karen Duvall, who two years later reopen the case and begin to track down a serial rapist.

Dirty John

Chilling series based on a true story full of abuse, lies and obsessive possession. It all starts when a millionaire businesswoman meets a “charismatic” bachelor on social networks. The relationship is going well, until a series of intrigues and acts of violence turn the friendly forty-year-old into a true psychopath ready for anything. The production is based on the life of the American John Meehan who made the lives of their partners a true hell and ended with a tragic ending. A must for this long weekend.

The Keepers

The true crime genre offers us this interesting documentary series that begins with the mysterious murder of Catholic teacher Cathy Cesnik in Baltimore in 1969, but as the chapters advance the series leads the viewer to a dark network of sexual abuse led by those who directed the school where the nun was killed. Horrible secrets, strange irregularities in the investigation, inexplicable events and inconsistent testimonies give life to a series that seeks to do justice.

The murder of Gianni Versace

The second installment of American Crime Story offers Netflix a 9-episode series dedicated to the murder of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace at the hands of serial killer Andrew Cananan in Miami. The series deals with the events prior to the crime, as well as the relationship that the millionaire designer had with his close and close friends, and the sensational treatment of some of the media. The production features the performance of Penélope Cruz, who plays Donatella Versace and Ricky Martin, who personifies Antonio D’Amico, partner of the deceased.

Conversations with Killers: Ted Bundy

This non-fiction series tells the evil and sinister story of Ted Bundy, America’s best-known serial killer. Through a long and intimate interview in his years of imprisonment, plus a range of testimonies from the victims’ families, investigators and reports of the time, the series is a journey to the darkest hells of the mind of this psychopath who murdered more than 37 women between 1973 and 1978. A documentary to leave you on your toes.

The Williamson project

A lost and alcoholic baseball player is accused along with another man of murdering and raping a young woman, and is sentenced to death. Much like “Making a Murderer”, an icon of the ‘true crime’ genre, this 6-episode series reviews how dark the police and judicial system can be: A production full of culprits, false confessions and manipulations. A highly recommended series that will leave you glued to TV.

Shot in the Dark

A series dedicated to the dark world of Los Angeles news hunters who give their all to obtain exclusive material on crimes or car accidents in the giant American city and then sell them to local television channels. The production divided into 8 chapters tells the story of 3 reporters and their intense “work” relationship. A non-fiction and suspense fee charged to the police arena.

Netflix: The 10 shocking series based on real events


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