Entered the young man who was launched from a traffic light in the preview of the Cup final

04/08/2021 at 4:01 PM CEST


The Athletic de Bilbao supporter who hit a traffic light last weekend in the agglomerations registered in Bilbao for the Copa del Rey has been admitted to a hospital with a lung perforation caused by a broken rib after the strong fall. The supporter of the Bilbao team, who hoped to be muffled by the crowd, rushed against the pavement.

And although he got up on his own foot and continued as if nothing had happened, hours later he began to feel pain and ended up being admitted with severe pain. It happened on Calle Pozas, one of the most popular in Bilbao, where there were a large number of fans gathered before the final. The fan has been admitted to the Galdakao hospital.

Juan Mari Aburto, Mayor Bilbao, regretted that the fans did not respect the security measures: “They do not represent anyone. This is not a game, here we are debating between life and death, there are many people who have died and others who are going through it badly in an ICU. “