Paloma Cuevas and Enrique Ponce have separated after more than 25 years together, according to the exclusive magazine ‘Semana’, which indicates that the divorce proceedings have already begun. The separation is friendly and, far from being due to the appearance of third parties, it is motivated by relationship attrition.

Apparently, and according to said publication, the crisis between the bullfighter and the socialite started two years ago. So they tried to save their marriage and family, both for themselves and for their daughters, Paloma and Bianca. Although they have fought a lot for their relationship, the couple has finally admitted that the love that existed between them was over.

Now Ponce and Paloma Cuevas are finalizing the details of a divorce that has been cordially brought up, from respect for their relationship, their daughters, and the love they still have. The decision is made and there is no going back.

It is a completely unexpected news, since the last thing that was known about the marriage is that he was going through family confinement – together with his daughters and the businesswoman’s parents, Victoriano Valencia and Paloma Díez – in the estate that the right-hander owns in Jaén, and that they were as united as ever.

Enrique Ponce and Paloma Cuevas had been together all their lives. They met in 1992, when they were barely more than two children, and theirs was a real crush. Four years later, the loving couple passed by the altar in a massive wedding in Valencia. Since then, almost a quarter of a century in which they have always been seen in love and most united.

They have two daughters: Paloma, born in 2008 and Bianca, in 2012. The little ones are the engine of their lives and, without a doubt, their priority in these delicate moments.

According to ‘Semana’, citing sources close to Valencian and socialite, there are no third parties on either side and the main cause of this separation is the wear and tear of the relationship. The affection and respect between the two continues to exist and Ponce will be most generous so that his wife and his daughters so far do not lack anything.