Enrique Morente will be honored at the World Flamenco Congress


The Cervantes Institute has presented this Monday, March 29, the World Flamenco Congress, a symposium that will take place between 2021 and 2022 on four continents and will pay tribute to the cantaor Enrique Morente in Buenos Aires.

It is an event to celebrate the importance of a fundamental discipline, flamenco, as high culture in society. We call it a congress because it is not only about organizing activities or concerts, but also a space for meditation, reflection and that some of the fundamental horizons of this discipline are raised“, said the director of Cervantes, Luis García Montero.

Flamenco, declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2010 by UNESCO, will have a wide international program for this congress. Total, there will be five thematic lines: the ‘Word’, the ‘Body’, the ‘Transformation and the Future’, the ‘Mestizaje’ and the ‘Diversity, and Emotions’.

Likewise, one of the main events of this meeting will be the tribute that will be paid in memoriam of the singer Enrique Morente (Granada, 1942 – 2010), one of the great renovators of the genre.

For her part, the curator of the World Flamenco Congress, Rocío Márquez, explained that the Congress programming will begin in Africa and will continue in Asia, North America and South America, through the Institute’s centers.

Márquez has underlined the union that, throughout history, the word and flamenco have had, a relationship in which great writers such as Federico García Lorca, Juan Ramón Jiménez or Manuel Chaves Nogales have participated.

Previously, the Instituto Cervantes and the Unión Flamenca (the Association of Professional Flamenco Artists) have signed a collaboration agreement for the organization of cultural activities around this art.

Among other issues, they wish to promote the teaching, study and dissemination of flamenco, both in Spain and through the Cervantes headquarters abroad, and work together in the preparation of reports on this discipline.