Enrique Guzmán reveals how he feels after being vaccinated against covid-19

Some days ago, Enrique Guzman and his wife, Rosalba Welter Portes Gil, were vaccinated against covid-19 and invited the population to follow the doctors’ instructions. Just over a week after receiving the first dose, the actor revealed if he had any reaction or side effect; He noted that he and his partner received the AstraZeneca vaccine.

In an interview with the show Firsthand, Enrique Guzman He spoke in detail about how he felt after being vaccinated. He indicated that he already has a date for receive the second dose.

«We are all delighted, I already vaccinated, my wife was vaccinated. Neither of us have problems. We have no reactions of any kind, that is, we are very happy about everything that is happening. The only thing that can happen is that they give you a picket and that does not help, but does it hurt you and that you have reactions? In my case and my wife’s case, neither of us had any reaction. We are fine, « said Enrique Guzmán.

The interpreter of « Your head on my shoulder » commented that at the end of March he will receive the second dose of the vaccine.

«The vaccine they gave us is AztraZeneca, which is an English vaccine … (The second dose) It is five weeks after the first, that is, I was vaccinated on February 15, so it will be at the end of next month. It is the booster of the vaccine, « he said.

Likewise, Enrique Guzmán spoke of the importance of older adults applying the anticovid vaccine to avoid getting the virus.

«The day I was there, we had 800 people trained, rumors and gossip began: ‘They say up there that there are only 500 vaccines’ Finally everyone was treated (…) It is a vaccine that I hope is useful, I suppose yes because they didn’t bring a silly vaccine, they brought a good vaccine, « he said.