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Five months ago, news shocked the entertainment world and the general public, as Frida Sofía, daughter of Alejandra Guzmán, revealed to have been sexually abused by various men who had a casual relationship with his famous mother.

In addition to this traumatic event, the fitness coach revealed that “from the age of five” her grandfather, the singer Enrique Guzmán, “touched her”, a fact that generated emotional and mental consequences.

After the scandal, the singer of Making love with another gave accolade to her father, whom she described as an honest man incapable of having committed the wrong. For its part, the veteran rock and roll player launched a campaign to wash his image, assuring in different interviews that he never “touched or would touch” any girl, much less his granddaughter.Alejandra Guzmán supported her father in the face of her daughter’s accusations, a fact that was criticized (Photos: Instagram @ ifridag / @ laguzmanmx)

The situation escalated and a few weeks ago the 29-year-old made the case official filing a criminal complaint against his grandfather, who has already declared that for him Frida is no longer part of his family and that what was committed against him is an infamy and an insult.

Nothing has been known about the legal process, probably because the daughter “la Guzmán” is having a low mood, well recently his half sister Natasha Moctezuma passed away, who lost his life in New York where he resided, presumably due to pulmonary complications.

After the death of Pablo Moctezuma’s daughter, Frida Sofía has lowered her activity on social networks and has only published some thoughts in his instastories, highlighting one where he mentions breaking some family ties: “You are breaking generational curses. That is why things are not so easy for you. You are the one your lineage has been waiting for, ”the text says.Frida's complaint shook the Pinal dynasty and damaged the image of Enrique Guzmán (Photos: @laguzmanmx / @eguzmanoficial / @ifridag)Frida’s complaint shook the Pinal dynasty and damaged the image of Enrique Guzmán (Photos: @laguzmanmx / @eguzmanoficial / @ifridag)

Now, today, Tuesday, September 14, a press conference was held in Mexico City to announce the musical work Jesus Christ Superstar, where Enrique Guzmán participates in the role of King Herod.

On the wheel, the famous was vehemently questioned about his criminal complaint, which caused visible annoyance in the interpreter of La plaga, who turned to the media present and commented with a loud voice that from his part “I have nothing to say.”

I already told you, I already explained to you, he has not said anything, he has not ratified anything, no one accuses me of anythingMaybe she’s busy now, I suppose, now that she has problems, let’s talk about Jesus Christ, I suppose that’s what we’re coming to, ”the veteran artist told a reporter.

“He is no longer part of the family, for me he is no longer part of the family,” said the singer on this occasion as well.Natasha Moctezuma was five years younger than her famous sister (Photo: File)Natasha Moctezuma was five years younger than her famous sister (Photo: File)

When asked if he sent a message to his granddaughter, regarding the death of his sister Natasha that occurred last Thursday, September 2, Enrique only issued: “Karma is karma”, words that were harshly criticized on social networks, being pointed out as a lack of empathy in the face of the pain of the loss of a family member.

Natasha Moctezuma, one of the daughters of businessman Pablo Moctezuma, had been living in New York for some time in the care of her maternal grandmother, after being diagnosed with epilepsy.

The half sisters had a very close relationship, a proof of this was the unconditional support Natasha extended to her older sister after she raised her voice against his grandfather.The sisters had a close relationship (Photo: @corespitteve / Twitter)The sisters had a close relationship (Photo: @corespitteve / Twitter)

So Frida Sofía soon recognized the affection and love that her sister gave her throughout that process. From her Instagram account, the daughter of the queen of hearts shared a moving message in which she assured that Natasha was her “favorite person from all over the universe”.

“Beautiful, you have taught me so much about life (…) You are the strongest, the most intelligent, the most generous and you have such a big heart and full of pure love. I admire you for being so noble and for always being by my side, for listening to me and for never judging me“The singer from Ándale then wrote.

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