Enrique Guzmán appears devastated on television and reveals why Frida accused him of abuse

Enrique Guzman.

Photo: Miguel Larrauri / Reform Agency

Enrique Guzman appeared on the show program ‘Windowingto render their first statements about the accusations he made Frida sofia In an interview, ensuring that he had touched her when she was only 5 years old.

The singer expressed that it is a situation that hurts a lot, since he has 4 granddaughters, one of them lives with him and Frida is the one whom he has always had the most affection for, so touching her is something I would never do.

Given this, the host and producer of the program, Pati chapoy, He directly questioned Enrique, who at all times was devastated, if these remarks were true, to which he replied: “In my fucking life I’ve touched her. There is no other way to tell you ”.

According to Guzmán, the real reason why his granddaughter publicly denounced him like this was because Alejandra withdrew his financial support and her way of retaliating was to put him in the position of an ‘abuser’.

“I am the instrument. He looked for the one he loved the most and blamed him because Alejandra withdrew expenses from Frida Sofía and he’s seeing which journalist to go with so that they give him a wool; from there to get money to live ”, he revealed in the Mexican program.

As for how he’s going to get over something like that, Enrique she confessed crying not knowing what to do or how to get close to her granddaughter again knowing what she said.

How can you talk about me like that? I don’t know what to do, I have no idea. I don’t want to hurt her, I have never wanted to hurt her. Today I am a degenerate who reached out (to Frida) at 5 years old ”, he said; and ended by reiterating his love for Frida: “I don’t know what I did to you, more than loving you.”

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