Enola Holmes 2: Netflix would be looking for Sherlock Holmes to be bisexual

There are characters that never expire regardless of the years that pass, proof of this is the most famous detective in the world: Sherlock Holmes. This character created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887 has explored various entertainment media, from novels, staging, television series and countless films, where Robert Downey Jr. gave his particular touch in 2009 with Sherlock Holmes – 70% with Jude Law.

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What has identified the character is that, with the passing of the generations, everything about him is still valid, his way of investigating (observing), and especially his personality. Recently it has been sought to explore new paths around the character; eg Enola Holmes – 95%, a Netflix original movie that tells the life and story of his younger sister, a pretty smart young woman played by Millie Bobby Brown.

In this production, the character of Sherlock ran under the interpretation of Henry Cavill who, although he was not considered bad, there were several complaints from the actor’s fans in networks for his little participation in the film. The good news is that a couple of days ago it was confirmed that there will be a sequel with Millie reprising her role as Enola and Cavill returning as the detective, and they promise that she will now have a much more important place.

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However, the company seeks to give a twist to the character, and this could generate great controversy. According to what the popular Hollywood informant shares on his Patreon Daniel Richtman, Netflix intends that in this sequel Sherlock’s sexuality is explored, concluding that he is bisexual. Everything will depend on how they handle the character and that he does not lose the essence of the classic.

We will have to wait for the public’s response to this particular change, because with all the years of the detective’s existence, they have tried to stay the same, and some might consider that this is a forced inclusion. This same year, there was already a similar problem with The Irregulares, a mystery series that focused on a group of young people who helped Sherlock with his investigations.

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The Irregulars was canceled due to a similar situation, and that is that the character of Dr. Watson was presented as homosexual, and the conflict was not that he was in love with Holmes, but that he was presented as an “evil gay” after it was known that he was involved in the murder of the detective’s wife. While the representation of the LGBT community on screens has been applauded, creators need to be very careful in how they portray them.

Undoubtedly, the sexuality of the character of Henry cavill It is not something that bothers many, but if you want it to work this time you will have to treat the issue with tweezers and pay attention to the details. One of the television representations most faithful to the character was Sherlock – 64%, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, while the only one that has had more notable changes was Elementary CBS, where everything was set in Manhattan in the current era, not forgetting that Watson was a woman, but thanks to the fact that the essence was intact, the show was well received and survived seven seasons.

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