Enjoy the red thread Does Michelson beat Celia Lora?

Enjoy the red thread Does Michelson beat Celia Lora? | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful model and actress, Ignacia Michelson, gained much of her popularity after having participated in Acapulco shore with his partner and friend Celia lora, with which he has participated in various photographic sessions, always posing in the best way before the camera.

But has he really surpassed his partner Celia Lora in terms of quality of photo shoots?

We will see this by addressing one of his last photos in his Official instagram, in which we can see that the beautiful girl quite enjoys wearing this swimsuit with red thread that goes perfectly well, contrasting with her beautiful white skin and showing a little of her hidden tattoos.

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The fans of La Michelson agreed and consider that she is much prettier than Celia Lora even that she has a better way of to model and pose in the sessions photographic.

This is noticeable thanks to the amount of likes it has, losing 100,000 squares, a fairly large number, which shows the great support that the Internet and social networks have, a phenomenon that will surely continue to grow.


Hundreds of comments were quickly gathered where fans express their full support and also seek the most creative compliments and compliments for her trying to get her attention.

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On the other hand, the fans of Celia Lora consider that she is better and that Ignacia is still growing, it would be necessary to do some voting style so that a final result can be determined. If the competition were with Instagram followers, in that case, the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora would be winning, but everything would depend on the point of view to be considered.

Finally, it should be said that La Michelson is enjoying its best moment, with its million followers, its outings, parties and much more, the result and the fruits of so much effort it has had to make to get here.

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