Enjoy Celia Lora in a delicious jacuzzi in a micro swimsuit

Celia Lora enjoys a delicious jacuzzi in a micro swimsuit | Instagram

For the flirt model, Mexican businesswoman and presenter Celia Lora showing off her figure is something she does continuously, but when it comes to showing off her enormous charms she seems to be able to push herself too hard as she did a few weeks ago while enjoying a jacuzzi.

While Celia lora was relaxing her figure from so much work and activities that she does constantly, the actress and social media celebrity tends to flaunt her enormous charms in any type of situation.

For months we have seen her show off and promote the tourist places she visits, to a large extent she is known for this, especially because she does a lot of promotion of the places she likes and from which she gets a very good experience.

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It was a Photo In his official Instagram account that he shared on April 20, it appears enjoying this jacuzzi wearing a one-piece swimsuit, although it was complete, you could immediately notice that it was quite flirtatious, perhaps due to the combination of colors it had.


The swimsuit that Celia Lora was wearing is a single sleeve, the base of it is blue and on top it has some palm leaves printed on it, it is something striking but at the same time flirtatious.

O´tLum Hotel It is the place where the YouTube star was, this is a Boutique hotel only for people over 18 years old, as indicated in his Instagram account, it is located near the Tulum-Playa del Carmen highway.

This beautiful and striking hotel has three types of rooms:

Luxury room with pool view with balcony Luxury honeymoon suite with ocean view, balcony and pungle room Luxury oceanfront suite with balcony and pungle room

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Surely this would be an excellent option to arrive with your partner and enjoy a few days, or perhaps, as in the case of Celia Lora, simply enjoy her own company, although the flirtatious model did not specify if she had attended with someone.

The image has more than 75 thousand red hearts, and among the comments they ask her if they could accompany her in her jacuzzi, where by the way she is in a corner like a good girl but at the same time mischievous and flirtatious, it is perhaps the most draws the attention of his fans.

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