It was the absurd idea of ​​one of the 20 presidents of the Premier League, who proposed to finish the English championship on Chinese soil.

Representatives of the 20 Premier League clubs gathered last Friday for a video conference to discuss the future of the English league, which was interrupted due to the coronavirus epidemic. And that’s where one of the elite clubs, according to The Athletic, came up with the idea of ​​ending the current season … in China.

This proposal recalls that of Waldemar Kita, who wants to confine all Ligue 1 players to a campus, or of an Australian hotelier, who wants to house all the NRL teams in his establishment. The idea is to find a place where the athletes would be sheltered from the Covid-19.

One can imagine what happened in the mind of this English leader. Since every country in the world is likely to be affected by the virus, if it is not already the case, why not go to the one that is most advanced in its fight against the epidemic? The other benefit, according to The Athletic, would be to free up club facilities to set up temporary hospitals. Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea have already offered their services to the English authorities, according to the Daily Mail.

The pressure of TV rights

Anyway, this Chinese option offered by this English leader has no chance of succeeding. “It makes no sense,” says another leader. If we moved the Premier League to another country, we would be slaughtered. Some accuse us of living in a bubble. I am beginning to understand why some people think that. “

Another leader added, “This is just a waste of energy. Let’s just say that we all want to take back the championship and life. Unfortunately, only God and the pandemic can make this decision. And that doesn’t seem likely. “

There are 92 Premier League games remaining, one title to award, European spots to distribute. Above all, the English clubs are under enormous pressure: if the season is canceled, they will be required to reimburse the local and international TV rights paid by the broadcasters. For an amount that would exceed the 800 million euros mark …

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