England. Woman finds terror in forest: dolls nailed to trees

Can you imagine going out for a walk and finding dolls stuck in the trees? This happened to a 64-year-old woman when she went out for a walk with her family through the woods of Staffordshire, north of Birmingham, England. What at first would be a relaxing activity, later everything turned into a terrifying experience. We tell you what happened.

It turns out that everything was in order for a 64-year-old woman who decided to walk a bit on the trails of the most important forest in the region, the Cannock Chase. However, on his way he found a creepy collection of dolls – in the form of babies / nenucos / barbies – nailed to the trees. « What does this mean? Why were they nailed? ”He wondered.

The woman had taken advantage of the rest day – as a nurse – to visit the area with her children. However, he was unaware of the existence of these dolls in the forest.

“These dolls were in a very strange kind of order. Their dresses were in tatters and they were all tied and nailed to the trees, « the woman told several international media.

The woman explained that at her first glance everything was terrifying, but that once the place was inspected, the fear was gone.

« When I came out of the forest I saw a sign that said that this was the operating room of the old Pension Hospital. It was a bit strange considering what I do for my work. – Another day he visited the place again – it was not so scary and I stayed between the dolls. I was saying my prayers. I spoke with the dolls, « said the woman.

There are many hypotheses about these dolls nailed to the trees. The first is that they are satanic rituals. According to local media, a Ouija board was found at the site, a reason to create this speculation.

Another hypothesis is that this place is cursed, due to the fact that several murders have occurred there. The site is known as the site of « the A34 murders », events that occurred in the 1960s. Three women were the victims.

According to Clarín, the event led to a trial in “where Raymond Leslie Morris, from Walsall, was convicted at the Stafford Assizes for the murder of Christine Ann Darby, after one of the greatest persecutions in British history. Morris is also considered the prime suspect in the deaths of Margaret Reynolds and Diana Joy Tift. In November 2010, he was granted a judicial review of his case in an attempt to overturn his conviction which failed ”.

The same media revealed that the murderer died in prison in 2014 at age 84 after serving 45 years in prison.