Several outdoor pools in London today welcomed their first visitors, who had to make a reservation online

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London.- England advanced this Saturday in its plan of de-escalation by the COVID-19, at a higher rate than the rest of the UK, with the opening of theaters, swimming pools and outdoor team sports.


Several of London’s outdoor swimming pools welcomed their first visitors today, who had to make a reservation over the Internet, although others have decided to take more time to prepare their facilities, as they have stated that the reopening announcement on Last Thursday it has caught them by surprise.

Team sports fans are in luck, as they can also practice activities such as cricket from Saturday, which has a large following among the British.

Beauty salons, tattoos and spas will be able to lift the blind from Monday and gyms, sports centers and indoor pools will do so from July 25.


The Executive of Boris Johnson has also allowed the resumption of theatrical shows as long as they take place outdoors and with a limited audience that respects the safety distance, after many companies decided to offer some of their shows on the Internet during the months of lockdown.

The sale of tickets for these performances is carried out through the network, so that the companies can know the identity of the attendees and thus facilitate the tracking of contacts in the event of positive results from COVID-19.

The British Government indicated that it is studying together with the cultural industry how indoor functions could be carried out, aimed at a small audience and always keeping the recommended distance of one meter, to prepare the guide that allows these activities to be carried out.

The performing arts sector of UK It faces annual losses of 74,000 million pounds (83,000 million euros) and the potential disappearance of 400,000 jobs in 2020, since especially small companies cannot cope with the decrease in income that comes from limiting capacity.

« The pandemic has subdued the theater. Theaters do not have the money to operate in a viable way with physical distancing. It is difficult to see the opening of these venues before the end of the year, » the Society of London Theater organizations said in an open letter. UK Theater and a hundred actors, writers and directors.

In early June, the Society of London Theater announced that all West End theaters in the British capital will remain closed until at least August 2, however producer Cameron Mackintosh, who has worked on musicals such as Les Miserables and Hamilton said he sees it as very difficult for the shows to resume this year.

Last Monday, the British government arranged a package of aid of 1,570 million pounds (1,740 million euros) for theaters, galleries, museums and other cultural centers in the country, after several cultural entities, including the iconic Royal Albert Hall London, warn of the risk of collapse they face.

This plan, in the form of loans and subsidies, will also be able to benefit from independent cinemas and music centers in the country, which have suffered a severe blow due to the economic slowdown since last March, when the Government ordered the confinement of the population.