The test bench passes sentence: more power for the new engine

The Japanese firm has taken advantage of a ‘crack’ in the sports regulations

Honda will deliver Red Bull and AlphaTauri an improved power unit ahead of the inaugural event of the 2020 Formula 1 season, the Austrian Grand Prix.

This is a step forward for Honda thanks to a ‘master move’: they decided to postpone the period of forced closure of the factory due to the coronavirus for later.

The FIA ​​forced all teams to close their factories for 63 days – for bikers it was 49 days. However, in the sports regulations there was a “slit” that Honda has exploited.

“An exception will be made for factories based in countries where the law and / or unions impose different closing periods,” reads Article 21.10 of the sports regulation.

“In this case, these factories may substitute some days of the shutdown period for locally imposed periods.”

“Engine manufacturers affected by this must make a statement to the FIA ​​so that their staff are not allowed to go to work in the country that is not closed during these periods,” said article.

Thus, the Japanese firm has reserved a series of days for the end of this year, instead of making an uninterrupted rest, which has allowed its power unit to work and evolve.

In this way, Honda has been able to develop its engine and, according to tests on the ‘dyno’, there is a step forward in terms of power, although the exact profit has not transpired.

But not only the power unit will be different from that of a few months ago, because Red Bull has also worked on the racing car – especially on the flat bottom and the front wing -, as was seen in Silverstone’s ‘filming day’ .

The goal of the Red Bull-Honda alliance is to finally be in the title fight and of course for the double date at home they have planned to put all the meat on the grill.

In addition, it is a crucial performance jump at the start of the season, as a large part of the car will suffer a ‘freeze’ and development will be very limited. Will they surprise?

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