The legal, judicial and political situation of Enes Kanter with the Republic of Turkey it is very complex. After supporting the mentors of a coup d’etat to Recep Erdogan in 2016, Kanter is prohibited from entering the country under threat of being sentenced to death, his Turkish nationality was withdrawn and it is a fact that while Erdogan is in charge, the Player may not return to their country.

However, Kanter longs for certain things from Turkey and made it clear in his Twitter post. In a sense message, the former Utah Jazz, Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks player stated that he would like to return to his homeland at some point to be able to play with him. Fenerbahce, current participant of the Euroleague.

In his message, Kanter thanked him because “there is always someone calling me” and that they make it clear that “they are not leaving me alone”. Kanter showed his love for Fenerbache, the team where he debuted as a professional in 2008 when he was 17 years old by saying that “I wore the shirt with pride and if I can ever return to my country again, it will be the only team where I want to play”, in addition to thanking the team board and putting in profile a photo of him with the team shirt.

It seems difficult for Kanter to return without consequences to Turkey before the decline of his career (he is already 28 years old) but still not impossible, given the context of world politics. However, if it ever could, the Fenerbahce would have a luxury booster in Kanter and a lover of its colors.