After 100 days have passed since the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced on March 13 the second state of alarm of the Democracy for the coronavirus crisis -a decree approved by the Council of Ministers the next day-, OKDIARIO compiles here the 100 lies, botch and negligence of the Executive during this unfortunate period.

one. The dead in Spain exceed one hundred and Sánchez reveals 24 hours before the state of alarm will be decreed, which causes a multitude of displacements throughout the country, contributing to the spread of the virus.

2. The Government dismisses José Antonio Nieto, head of the Occupational Risk Prevention Service of the National Police, who recommended avoiding crowds.

3. Sánchez decrees on March 14 the state of alarm for 15 days and confines 47 million Spaniards. He does so at a press conference and Moncloa filters the questions, a controversial system that will last for weeks.

Four. Pablo Iglesias skips the quarantine after the positive of his partner, the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero, and attends the Council of Ministers on March 14 in person and without a mask.

5. The Ministry of Health only accounts for hospital deaths ratified by a PCR test, unlike the system followed by some communities based on the records of funeral homes.

6. The Government signs contracts for the acquisition of medical supplies from China with a fund of 1,000 million. It is proven that he ignored international alerts and did not provision.

7. Health resorts to the Chinese market and acquires a higher price than that offered by Spanish companies. For example, buy face masks up to 20 times more expensive.

8. Iglesias is put in front of the residences on May 19 by delegation of sole command. Announces aid of 300 million (also for dependents and homeless) that does not reach the CCAA until the end of April.

9. Sánchez starts his Aló Presidente on weekends on March 22 and assures that Spain has bought rapid tests “homologated and reliable”. Instead, the item will be returned days later due to its low sensitivity.

10. The Minister of Science and Innovation, Pedro Duque, acknowledges that the Government has known the severity of the coronavirus since January.

eleven. The Army enters the residences and finds elderly people, absolutely abandoned, if not dead, in their beds.

12. Minister Illa refuses to reveal the name of the “usual provider” of Health for defective tests from the Chinese firm Bioeasy. Weeks later it transpires that it was Interpharma, a cosmetic laboratory.

13. The leading union of CSIF officials is suing the government for reckless manslaughter by ignoring the WHO’s notices.

14. Salvador Illa requires that infected healthcare professionals return to work in seven days, even without being cured. Days later, Sanidad rectifies the document and urges them to end the isolation.

fifteen. The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, acknowledges in an interview that “we had warnings about gravity, since January, since we saw what was happening in China.”

16. On April 6 it is published that the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla-La Mancha puts the deaths from coronavirus in said community at 1,921, and not 774 as recorded by official statistics, according to Health instructions.

17. Pablo Iglesias maintains that “we all know that this virus does not understand territories but it does understand social classes.”

18. With 13,798 deaths from coronavirus, Televisión Española debuts Quarantine Diaries, which is advertised as a “humor series.” The methods of the Government to cover the duel.

19. Pedro Sánchez lies in the Congress of Deputies when he affirms that Spain «is the country that first took confinement measures in the entire West, the first. We did it only with 120 deceased ».

twenty. Another hoax from the president in plenary. He says that Spain “is the country that provides the most information, the only one that reports all positives, not just hospitalized patients, all positives.”

twenty-one. One more fake from Sánchez, when he says that «this study, that of the University of Oxford, gives Spain the highest score of the western countries» in the response to the coronavirus.

22. The WHO warns on April 10 of a “deadly outbreak if the containment measures are lifted too quickly”, but only three days later, non-essential workers return to work.

2. 3. Non-essential workers return to their jobs without massive PCR tests or temperature measurements. The Government only highlights the distribution of masks on public transport.

24. On April 14 and in the midst of a pandemic, Vice President Pablo Iglesias attacked King Felipe VI for wearing a military uniform.

25. The Government remains opaque about the death toll in nursing homes.

Iglesias skips the quarantine and attends the 14-M Council of Ministers without a mask. (Photo: Moncloa)

26. Sánchez states that “we have doubled the daily tests from 20,000, which we were saying a few days ago, to 40,000 daily.” Only two days later, Fernando Simón speaks of “700,000 a week”, 100,000 daily.

27. Simón lies in a talk for children with the Minister of Science, Pedro Duque. “The protection teams have been brought in,” says the CCAES director.

28. For several days, toilets from different communities use defective masks of the Chinese brand Garry Galaxy acquired by the Government and the Ministry of Health has to remove them.

29. The celebration of religious rites in public during the Week is prohibited, but the prayer of Muslims is allowed in the street in El Vendrell (Tarragona).

30. General José Manuel Santiago, chief of the General Staff of the Civil Guard, confesses that they track the networks “to minimize the climate contrary to the Government.” Minister Grande-Marlaska speaks of “lapse”.

31. The Supreme Court orders the Ministry of Health to provide protective equipment for health personnel.

32. Those over 80 years are discharged from the ICU. By mid-April, of 17,084 patients of this age hospitalized for coronavirus, only 1.4% had accessed an intensive care unit.

33. Another lie by Grande-Marlaska in the press: “We have been able to equip ourselves with the material and personal means necessary to face a crisis of manifest gravity.”

3. 4. The Minister of the Interior lacks the truth: “Spain, today, is the country that carries out the most tests on possible infections”.

35. Grande-Marlaska subscribes to the hoax: “We are adequately informing the parties, the opposition, the institutions and the citizenry.”

36. The Government does not explain why it classified the State Security Forces and Bodies as “low probability of exposure”.

37. No member of the Government cuts his salary in solidarity with those affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus.

38. TVE refuses to include a black crepe in its logo “so as not to worry the population any more.”

39. The government rectifies within hours its initial announcement that children could only go outside if they accompanied a parent to supermarkets, pharmacies or banks. Let them go for a walk.

40. Sánchez justifies the greater number of deaths in Spain compared to other countries, alluding to the “aging of the Spanish population”.

41. Marlaska admits on April 23 that only 5,000 PCR tests have been carried out on the more than 170,000 agents of the State Security Forces and Corps. In other words, just 3%.

42. Pablo Iglesias takes advantage of an appearance in Moncloa to address the Spanish as if they were children. He admits that the Government “has not been entirely clear” in its explanations.

43. The Government ignores the ECDC and refuses to compute all deaths with the coronavirus as the main or contributing cause.

44. Health reduces the official count of infected on April 24 and changes the methodology, excluding those infected detected in a rapid antibody test.

Four. Five. The Spanish General Nursing Council files a criminal complaint against Pedro Sánchez, Salvador Illa and Fernando Simón.

46. Sánchez justifies the high mortality due to coronavirus in Spain with pilgrim arguments such as being a very tourist country. “I’m not saying it’s the only cause, I’m saying there may be a direct correlation,” he says.

47. The Government authorizes almost 6 million children to go out into the streets under the rule “one parent, one hour, one kilometer” but without specifying how time and distance would be controlled. First crowds.

48. Vice President Pablo Iglesias does not set an example and appears without a mask in some images while shopping in a supermarket.

49. The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero: “The situation we are going through specifically affects LGTBI people.”

fifty. Minister Calviño affirms that “the estimates point to an insignificant and transitory impact” on the economy.

CollserolaAn operator closes a coffin in the Collserola campaign mortuary. (Photo: David Zorrakino / EP)

51. The OECD corrects its ranking of countries with the most tests carried out and relegates Spain from eighth to 17th place.

52. Pedro Sánchez, PhD in Economics from UCJC, says that the European Union will launch a recovery fund of “1.5 trillion euros”, instead of trillions.

53. The fourth vice-president Teresa Ribera lies when affirming that in the Plan of Transition to the New Normality “nothing is imposed on anyone”.

54. The BOE publishes millionaire purchases of sanitary material by the Government from companies of “unknown address”. Illa speaks of “administrative error”.

55. Another government hoax: Minister Maroto says that “the good relationship with China has successfully closed business operations with reliable suppliers.”

56. Salvador Illa rules out massive tests against the effectiveness of this strategy in South Korea, Taiwan or Portugal: “There is not going to be a test for every Spanish citizen.”

57. The month of April ended with 41,239 infected health workers, more than 20% of the total confirmed cases and the highest rate in the world.

58. After 49 days of the state of alarm, Sánchez decrees the mandatory use of masks on public transport.

59. Despite starring in the longest confinement on the planet, Sánchez maintains that “we have limited the transmission of the virus in record time.”

60. The Basque Country becomes the only community in which interprovincial mobility is allowed in phase 1 after the PNV supports the fourth extension of the state of alarm.

61. The fourth vice-president Teresa Ribera affirms that “we have been in the high range of success and in the low range of errors, which surely there have been”.

62. The Minister for Ecological Transition maintains that the good management of Portugal is due to the fact that the virus “came from the east and they are a little further west and then they were able to stop a little earlier.”

63. Vice President Calvo explains the strong incidence of the coronavirus in Spain: “New York, Madrid, Tehran and Beijing are almost in a straight line and are the big cities where there has been a problem with the devil.”

64. Consumption advises against the generic distribution of FFP2 masks to the population, such as the one carried out by Madrid, due to its high protection. It is pronounced like this after a month and a half of shortages.

65. In full crisis, the Government takes advantage of the Council of Ministers of April 28 to fatten the Administration with 11 new general subdirectories.

66. Sánchez did not develop the anti-pandemic plan left by the Rajoy government. I was going to do an Ebola drill in April.

67. Marlaska lies when saying that “there has been no payment of any test on the part of any agent”. The SPP denounces that the truth is thus lacking.

68. The Interior Minister launches another lie, stating that “all officials who have had symptoms or who have had a positive Covid-19 test have been tested.”

69. The president of the FED, Ignacio Fernández-Cid, denounces that the Government «it has abandoned the most vulnerable people, such as the elderly who live in residences, with a high degree of dependency ”.

70. Simón does not know how to explain the difference of 5,000 deaths between the Health data and that of the MoMo system. He even talks about a “huge traffic accident.”

71. PSOE and Podemos promote a Reconstruction Commission in Congress where they impose their program and demand that it not be a forum for control of the Government.

72. The socialist Patxi López, with no university studies completed, is elected to chair the Reconstruction Commission. In Italy, such an assignment is received by Vittorio Colao, MBA from Harvard and former world CEO of Vodafone.

73. Podemos places the communist leader Enrique Santiago, admirer of Lenin and lawyer for the Colombian terrorist groups FARC, as vice president of the Reconstruction Commission.

74. The PSOE vetoes that high positions of the Ministry of Health, like the director of Public Health, Pilar Aparicio, appear in Congress.

75. CNN publishes that Sánchez is lying. The Johns Hopkins University does not place Spain in fifth place in the coronavirus test. What’s more, this university did not even prepare a ranking with such a comparison.

End to 100 days of alarm: the 100 lies, botch and negligence of the GovernmentThe Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the director of the CCAES, Fernando Simón, in Moncloa. (Photo: .)

76. Moncloa reveals that the Government authorized 480 protests on May 8 throughout Spain (not including data from Catalonia), which was attended by 600,979 people. The virus was already out of control by then.

77. Jupol, the majority union of the National Police, is complaining against the Government for its “disastrous management”.

78. The Government rectifies to carry out the fifth extension and agrees with Citizens that the state of alarm extends for 15 days and not a month, as it had originally proposed.

79. The PSOE agrees with the proctors of Bildu the complete repeal of the PP labor reform despite its abstention not being necessary.

80. Minister Calviño denies that the Government is going to urgently repeal all the labor reform of the PP despite what has been agreed by PSOE and Podemos with Bildu.

81. The delay of the Government in the payment of the ERTE by the Government generates multitude of protests in the public opinion.

82. Social Security arrives to collect fees from 400,000 self-employed workers despite the fact that they had recognized the aid for cessation of activity.

83. Sánchez takes more than 70 days from the declaration of the state of alarm to decree the official mourning.

84. The Government politicizes the decree of official mourning, something unprecedented: “It is proportionate to express the conviction that the valuation of care in public decisions is the most fruitful bet for the future.”

85. Sánchez uses the rostrum of Congress and jelly ‘Long live the 8-M’ to pressure the judge in the framework of the investigation into the Madrid government delegate, the socialist Franco, for allowing the march of 120,000 people.

86. The Government instrumentalizes the Prosecutor’s Office and the State Attorney to stop, boycott and attack the 8-M instruction by Judge Rodríguez-Medel.

87. The director general of the Civil Guard, the socialist María Gámez, acknowledges that the dismissal of Colonel Diego Pérez de los Cobos was due to the fact that he did not report to the Executive – somewhat illegal – on the 8-M investigation.

88. Vice President Calvo notes that the opposition is behind an attempted coup, with the collusion of members of the Civil Guard and the Police. Moncloa launches his conspiracy theory.

89. Sánchez insinuates that Marlaska purged De los Cobos to avoid a “patriotic police” in the Civil Guard

90. The president says that the interior minister “is uncovering the patriotic police and that’s why they attack him.” Instead, Sánchez himself and Marlaska himself considered this extreme dismantled in 2019.

91. Interior does not prevent a massive funeral procession for Julio Anguita in the streets of Córdoba, while it prohibits more than three family members from dismissing those killed by the coronavirus.

92. Police identify a family in Madrid for carrying a large Spanish flag with the motto “Government resignation”.

93. Marlaska forces the Civil Guard to shield Pablo Iglesias’s casoplon in the face of citizen protests. He urges the agents to impose fines of 600 euros on the protesters and even requisition the paelleras.

94. The CIS of the socialist Tezanos performs extra barometers on the coronavirus crisis to flatter the Government. He goes on to say that as the economic situation in Spain worsens, the economy of the Spanish improves.

95. The count of deceased reaches grief: almost 2,000 deaths from coronavirus ‘disappears’ from official statistics.

96. The Government agrees to the abstention of ERC in the sixth and last extension of the state of alarm in exchange for the commitment to retake in July the negotiating table with the Catalan separatists.

97. The Government delegate in Madrid is caught by OKDIARIO in a telematic talk with PSOE mayors denying sole command in the management of residences and seeking to “twist” the issue against Ayuso (PP).

98. The government allows the arrival of Germans in the country, but prohibits movement between communities. For example, you cannot travel from Almería to Murcia while Germans land in Spain.

99. Fernando Simón, on the concealment of the real dead: “We have 13,000 deceased there, but we cannot locate them now.” As of June 19, Moncloa only recognizes 28,315 coronavirus deaths with PCR.

100. Sánchez closes his last Saturday homily before the “new normal” without questions from the press after 20 appearances in three months.