Since the official start of the quarantine So far 56 days have passed, more than 1,300 hours that each one has divided the best they can between time for work, for the family, for reading, cleaning and ordering, cooking, shopping … But, if we stop to To think, would we know —for example— how many hours of confinement we have spent watching series non-stop? You do not need to start adding, there is a Polish startup called Omni Calculator that creates various calculators so that we can measure this type of thing and get (or not) better use of our time in prison.

Let’s continue with the example of the series. If every day we spend an hour watching something on Netflix, in seven weeks at home we will have spent a total of 49 hours glued to the screen. Long enough to have seen, according to Omni Calculator, the three seasons of La Casa de Papel, five from Black Mirror and one from Love, Death & Robots. But the series are not the only thing that this startup can calculate for us. There is also another that tells us the average number of books we can read. Filling in parameters such as the time our quarantine will last, the hours we can dedicate to reading each day and the speed at which we read. For example, in a quarantine of two months, with an hour to spend per day reading and reading at an average speed of half a page per minute (you do not have to have it counted, the application gives you the options), we could devour around about six books.

But not everything is productivity. We can also find out if during the first few weeks we went a little bit higher buying toilet paper or we did it as normal people. In this case, the app gives us the option to calculate how many rolls we need or how long our reservations will last, depending on the number of people we are at home, how much paper we use, the days that we will be without buying and the number of rolls that they come in every package. For example, In a two-person household that neither goes too far nor falls short, it will take three six-roll packs to last about 31 days. With this same task (and after the psychosis of the first weeks) the page has been created, which following similar parameters tells us how much paper we really need. And if it is left over, we can always use it to set up a home gym.

Similar to this last calculator, although perhaps somewhat more useful, is the one that helps us to count the food that we will need in quarantine according to nutritional criteria. In this case we will have to say the number of people who live at home, their sex, whether they are children or adults and the length of time the confinement lasts. In a house where an adult woman and man live, it will take about 12.5 kilograms of apples, 4.9 kilograms of carrots, four packages of 500 grams of lentils and 11 loaves of bread, which you can bake at home with any of these four recipes recommended by the best bakers in Spain.

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