Luis Miguel Guerrero

The suspension of the Clausura 2020 was something that could be seen coming for several weeks. The irregularity in the global pandemic numbers, and the difficulty in finding an effective treatment for the COVID-19, have sowed doubt in several of the sports entities around the world, and the Liga MX was no exception.

Thinking about exposing entire clubs to contagion seemed complicated, and we no longer even talked about the possibility of the public returning to the stands. If the hope of a resumption was maintained, it was thinking of saving some of the millionaire losses that the league and clubs are having due to the contingency. Unfortunately, and even with the cancellation of the Closing, this is far from being defined, and it will be in the coming weeks, depending on the advance of the virus, if we can think of having an Opening tournament, which – by the way – the safest thing is to start playing without an audience, causing more monetary losses for the teams.

In terms of sports, the decision not to declare a champion seems wise, taking into account that the tournament was only halfway through. And locally, this decision gives a benefit to León, who again classifies the “Concachampions” for second place in the table.

Luis Gerardo Lugo

The anticipated conclusion of Clausura 2020 is a strong blow that in economic terms will have to be cushioned by Mexican soccer clubs.

This will revalue the conditions of our football in at least the coming season, in which footballers will have to adhere to other contractual conditions until the damage caused by the current crisis is lessened.

Given this, figures from the Liga MX for not agreeing on the money, but at the same time the opportunity opens for young people who can give a lot on the field with less investment in them.

In terms of football, it was a decision that I consider will help the teams to prepare properly for the following tournaments, as we are not talking either that this will be a catastrophe that cannot be raised, so the essence and passion will return to what they had even before Covid-19.

Blue Cross and Lion They will be in the Concachampions so they should put together their tables as optimally as possible in football. For these squads such a designation will serve as consolation, not as much as it would have been a title to break the curse of more than two decades with the celestial and consolidate a colorful football in the Esmeraldas.

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