The Undersecretary of Health asked to take with reserve the fact that since June 8 “we no longer have such accelerated growth” of the pandemic in our country

Hugo López-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health, stated that from June 8 already there was no accelerated growth of the pandemic of COVID-19 in Mexico, however, he made it clear that more data is needed to confirm it.

“Since June 8, we are no longer having such accelerated growth. It is not a definitive conclusion, we have to wait at least one more week to observe the behavior of the epidemic curve for 14 days, “he said.

“The epidemic is not yet over, but it is encouraging to see it reach a stabilization zone,” he stressed in the daily report released at the National Palace.

López-Gatell Ramírez presented the various epidemic curves of COVID-19 that make up the country.

“The country’s epidemic curve is made up of multiple curves, it is important: to the extent that you live in a specific state or municipality, you must know the situation that is in the place where you live, that’s what the traffic light is for,” he stressed. .

The undersecretary of Health made it clear that no country has ended its respective coronavirus epidemic.

“I share the feeling of all the people who live in the country and who find it distressing, desperate and that the days pass and we continue in an epidemic, it is understandable, but that cannot lead to an idea not covered by the reality that the epidemic it can be avoided, canceled or suspended. If this were the case, we would have at least one country that has succeeded, “he said.

“There is no country that has ended its epidemic, I call once again for us to have patience and clarity in the information that is presented (…) We are going to live with this virus for many months, even years, as this will last for a long time , we cannot last with the countries closed in their public life, it cannot, there are people who suffer the ravages of this state of suspension, a new way of living must be implemented, ”he explained.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital