Encontronazo en Hoy !, Raúl Araiza faces a driver

Encontronazo en Hoy !, Raúl Araiza faces driver in forum | Instagram

The Today Program again giving what to talk about !. On this occasion, the protagonists of the news are the beloved Raúl Araiza and Paul stanley, who faced each other in the middle of the forum.

The confrontation between both hosts of the morning star of Televisa occurred due to a practical joke that Paco Stanley’s son made on his partner, Raúl Araiza Herrera, who did not want to leave what happened unnoticed.

The dear Negrito faced Stanley in the middle of the forum of the Today Program and claimed him for what he did to his vehicle, images that he himself shared on his Instagram stories.

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The images show that Stanley drew, in the purest high school joke style, a very peculiar masculine element on the glass of Norma Herrera’s son’s vehicle.

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The person who recorded the whole situation between both drivers and actors could not help but laugh as he indicated what it was that Paul Stanley drew on Raúl’s property.

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Raúl Araiza assured that this was not going to stay that way, that it was a scorpion and that it was not the first joke that his partner made to his car. Let’s hope what Araiza prepares.

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Meanwhile, both members of Hoy do not stop showing their friendship and camaraderie over and over again, in fact they also share space in the Unicable Members al Aire program. Raúl and Jorge Van Rankin once confessed that they were responsible for Paul’s entry into this program.

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