Enable WhatsApp sticker finder Activate it!

Enable WhatsApp sticker search engine Activate it! (Unsplash)

Enable WhatsApp sticker finder Activate it! | Unsplash

Finally you will not have to delay with your answer with one of your stickers, since the famous instant messaging application, WhatsApp, recently enabled a seeker for your best use and we will tell you the details.

Good news for all users of the instant messaging application, because after the immense annoyance generated by the change in the privacy policies of the popular appNow there is good news, since WhatsApp has enabled a sticker search engine and here we tell you how to activate it step by step.

As you read from now on, WhatsApp has a sticker search engine that makes it easier for users to use them, news that has generated a stir and that can be used in both the Android and iOS operating systems.

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In order to make use of the new tool, you must have the most recent update of the application, so if you have not done it yet, do not wait any longer and update your application.

To make use of this new tool, which promises to make life easier for you in your conversations with sticker friends, it is very simple and you just have to open the box that says “Search with text or emojis”.

Once you do this, you can quickly find the sticker you need without having to see the entire list.

In fact, it was through the official account of the famous platform that a video of how to do it was shared, step by step.

On the other hand, the platform recently announced that it will offer this opportunity to delete messages on a scheduled basis, first it lasted 7 days and now only 24 hours.

The truth is that WhatsApp and its platform do not stop innovating and, in order to make the lives of its users better, this time they bring the option to create messages that will only have a 24-hour period, and then be deleted if you need it.

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In addition to having reviewed its privacy policy, which will come into effect on May 15, the messaging application is also preparing the possibility of encrypting backup copies with a password.

And if the above seems not enough, the platform is working on “ephemeral photos”, which can only be seen once, something similar to what happens on Instagram.

Everything seems to indicate that WhatsApp is determined to shorten the duration of temporary messages, which currently had a duration of 7 days.

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Now, as we mentioned, it will be only 24 hours long and at the end of time they will self-destruct, and this feature premiered at the end of last year.

It is worth mentioning that currently the temporary messages function allows us to configure it so that they disappear after seven days, so this new feature would mean a great reduction in time.

There are no details on how it will be implemented yet, but if it looks like the current feature, it should be available in both individual and group chats.

Right now, if we want to activate the messages that self-destruct, just click on the profile of any conversation we have with someone, and activate them from the settings.

While in the case that we have a WhatsApp group, we can only activate them if we are administrators.

However, the Telegram application is not far behind, as it has enabled a function to automatically delete messages.

This innovative feature allows you to determine if messages are deleted every 24 hours or after seven days of being sent.

Thus, now the users of this application will be able to determine the time in which their conversations will have “life”, in this way it will be possible to activate a “timer” so that certain conversations are deleted for all the chat participants after spending a certain time be 24 hours or 7 days.