Enable WhatsApp new function Advanced Search!

Enable WhatsApp new function Advanced Search! | Pixabay

The famous app WhatsApp has recently enabled a new feature whose name is Advanced search and we will let you know what it is about and of course how it works, so keep reading to find out.

It is worth mentioning that in this new tool you will be able to search for any type of file in a much simpler way.

WhatsApp is doing everything possible to once again attract users who migrated to the Telegram application, this after the new privacy policies of the application will take effect on May 15.

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It is for that reason that the company that is now owned by Mark Zuckerberg is adding new functions to its application such as increasing the speed to play audios and recently the “Advanced Search” tool.

Every day we exchange endless files on WhatsApp and when we want to search for a specific one, what we normally do is go to a conversation and through the “Search” tool, which is found with the icon of a magnifying glass in the top right, we found it.

There is no doubt that this was extremely tedious and it was even lazy to carry out the whole process; However, WhatsApp managed to activate a function to filter the type of file we want to find, be it photos, videos, documents, gifs, animated stickers, links and audios.

To be able to use it, we just have to click on the search bar that is at the top of the application’s message tray and choose the type of file.

When we choose the type of file we have to wait for the application to show us the results, for example, in the following image we only look for the filter “Documents” and all the Word, PDF, Excel, Power Point files, etc. appeared.

In addition, if we want the WhatsApp application to only show us the documents of a specific conversation or group, just write the name of the contact on the side.

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It should be noted that this option is available for both Android and iOS users, however, it is not yet enabled in the web version, although it may arrive in the coming months.

To get it on a mobile device and if you already have the application but this option does not appear, you may need to update it.

On the other hand, WABeta Info announced that there are other types of changes such as the activation of the “disappearance mode” that will allow you to instantly delete the messages that are read, without leaving a trace of anything, but it is worth mentioning that this is currently it is proven and may arrive in the next few weeks.

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Not a week has passed since WhatsApp released its last update, which allows us to listen to audio of several minutes at half the time and at speeds of 1x, 1.5x and 2x.

According to the specialized portal WabetaInfo, there is a new WhatsApp function called “Flash Call” which is still under development and will only be available in the Google Play Beta Program.

However, it is no longer impossible to test it because it has reached its maximum participant capacity and does not accept any more verifiers.

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The source said that it is basically based on a new method of verifying the telephone number, similar to the function of a text message (SMS), however, this tool consists of a fast call that will automatically become a missed call.

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