Madrid, May 31 . .- A total of 168,205 jobs were lost in the first quarter of the year in the field of the self-employed, of them 126,519 employees, representing a drop of 14.4% in just three months, compared to the decrease of 1.1% of all 2019, according to data from the association of self-employed ATA.

In all of 2019 the self-employed had reduced, for the first time since there are records, the number of salaried employees who are in their charge from 887,093 workers to 877,208 workers, which meant a decrease of 1.1% (-9,885 workers).

It was the first time this figure had decreased since 2011, which put 877,208 workers in December.

As for the self-employed employers, they have gone from 3,267,428 in December 2019 to 3,225,742 self-employed in March 2020, a break of 1.3% (41,686 people).

Of these, 23,092 are corporate self-employed (55%) and 18,594 are individuals.

In a statement, ATA explained that the size of self-employed companies has been reduced and that all those with workers have reduced their workforce.

Thus, the self-employed who have more than five workers have decreased by 22.1%; those of four workers have fallen by 14.9% and those of three workers by 14.2%.

Of the 222,683 self-employed with a worker who had at the end of 2019, in March 2020, 203,645 were registered, that is, 8.5% less (-19,038).

The president of ATA, Lorenzo Amor, believes that the data reflects a “cruel setback” as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis, so he has called on the Government to extend the cessation of extraordinary activity with a criterion of decreased income, lengthening the ERTE until the end of the year, reducing obstacles and taxes to those who do not recover their normal activity in the coming months and paying special attention to the self-employed who work for public administrations so that they do not suffer late payments.