Employees lower Cinemex curtains and exhibit made on video

The fact has shown little-known side of an employment relationship and it is when it is cultivated in a positive way.

An element that we cannot lose sight of in this type of work is the opportunity that brands have found in the face of this contingency to continue with their operations.

There are various elements that we cannot lose sight of in the closing of Cinemex theaters and these are the decisions that have to be made in labor matters.

Cinemex is at a time of great challenge, after announcing the closure of its cinemas and while the operation of these points of sale is normalizing, various contents have begun to be revealed and show all kinds of situations around the famous chain.

During this health contingency we have witnessed all kinds of situations that warn us of the problem that brands face today and that warn us how relevant it is to specify operating strategies.

Undoubtedly there are a series of guidelines established in the market and among these measures activities are established to which we have to pay attention.

A bitter goodbye to Cinemex

Cinemex employees have recorded how the curtains of one of the many cinemas of the chain are closed, which had to suspend its activities as a result of the health contingency, which is being experienced in the market.

The video shows employees lowering the cinema curtain and in other videos published on the same account, the collaborator of the chain assures that the company became one of their families.

With the closure of Cinemex theaters, an important precedent is established, for how brands have reacted to one of the most serious phenomena in the market, such as the health contingency.

Given this fact, an element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that reveals how important it is to understand the market and not only that, the consequences of making a business decision.

@_aralow_The last closing given by the best staff of the complex and employee of the year together with Juan, general manager of the complex… ## cinemex ## tijuana ## mexico

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@_aralow_It was a pleasure cinemex, nobody knows what is in store for them, but they will always be one of my families & lt3 ## cinemex ## staff ## tijuana ## mexico

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Without a doubt there are increasingly daring tasks that brands have to face, but in the case of Cinemex it is important to see how it has approached the employment relationship after suspending activities, the video that we have referred to is a little known side, of relations between companies and employees and it is when these are built in a positive way, in general due to the conditions it offers.

Closures in contingency

The closures of physical points of sale in full health contingency have become a very serious issue, because it rethinks the rules for many brands and for a large amount of talent.

One case that we have reported in this medium has been the closure of a Zara store in Mexico, leaving the state of Tabasco with a single store in the entity, a fact that stands out because it is an important case of contingency talent management, since that the brand has concentrated in digital or in stores that are still open, the human resource that has been the victim of its closures.

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