Emma Watson.

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With his essential robe of Hogwarts, his wand hanging around his waist and some brilliant notes, Emma Watson made the international leap with her Hermione Granger in the saga of “Harry Potter”. But far from stagnating, went to university and reaches the age of 30 turned into a powerful feminist voice.

Despite this, the actress acknowledges reaching the third decade a little stressed due to all the social pressures that come with reaching that age: “If you have not yet built a home, you have not married, you don’t have a baby or you’re still discovering things on your own, you don’t have anything safe at an age when you’re supposed to already. This generates anxiety “, said the actress in an interview with the magazine British Vogue.

Born into a wealthy family, of parents lawyers graduated by the elitist University of Oxford (England), Watson was born in Paris (1990) where he lived until he was five years old, the age at which his parents divorced and she went to live in Oxford with her mother and older brother. For this reason, the actress is fluent in French, although she admits having lost it for “Lack of practice”.

At just six years old Little Watson was already very clear that her vocation was to be an actress, so in parallel to his school studies he attended the theater school Stagecoach Theater Arts, where he would begin to take his first steps as an artist.

It was a teacher from this school who pointed her to the casting of the Harry Potter films, and became the co-star of the saga.

Little by little, the success of the actress, who stars in the eight installments of the saga with Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasly) -which he considers brothers-, was consolidated. And not only in his filmography. Only during that professional stage Watson credited around £ 9m to his bank account.

Although for many of his fans it’s hard to see the actress away from her wand and cape, the British artist has known how to detach herself from that young magician who raised her to fame to star in all kinds of genres and characters.

Movies like “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012), “The bling ring” (2013) or “Noe” (2014) are some of the titles that the British has starred on the margin of the aforementioned saga. Even in 2015 she would become the muse of the Spanish director Pushing away Amenábar in the film Regression.

His role as Beautiful in adapting with people from the Disney animated classic “Beauty and the Beast” (2017), He confirmed his privileged place in the world of cinema thanks to a character with whom the actress is highly identified due to its “independence and security”, according to EFE in a pre-release interview.

Far from being anchored in being only an actress, Watson decided to combine his artistic career with education, in this way he managed to graduate in English Literature from the Brown University, Rhode Island (USA).

Multifaceted artist has also made the leap to fashion. As a model for such renowned brands as Channel, Burberry or Lancôme and with the promotion of sustainable fashion through looks produced with environmentally friendly methods.

In 2014 the UN appointed Watson Goodwill Ambassador, with the aim of fighting against gender violence and promoting equality and independence for all women in the world. That is now one of his concerns outside the focus of cinema and advertising., The struggle against the gender gap.

“The university experience must teach women who deserve to hold positions of power and, in addition, it must make clear to them that their security is a right, not a privilege, ”he told journalists at the headquarters of the United Nations, after a praised speech to promote the “He for She” campaign to close the gender gap at universities.

In this way, Emma Watson blows out her 30th birthday candles with the professional satisfaction of being positioned as one of the best actresses on the current film scene, and the personal enthusiasm of having become a young icon of equality at the international level.

And although already detached from the skin of Hermione, in the hearts of many of her fans will always remain her magical spell Wingardium Leviosa.