Emma Roberts goes shopping at an outdoor market in Boston

Although Emma Roberts is an ambassador for some fashion and accessory brands, that doesn’t stop her from enjoying vintage clothing.

Emma Roberts goes shopping at an outdoor market in BostonBackgrid / The Grosby Group

Emma Roberts has surpassed the label of being “the niece of Julia Roberts“; The 30-year-old actress already has enough roles in different genres that have given her her own identity and the confidence to function in Hollywood and the world of series.

In December of last year, Emma turned her life around by welcome their first child, Rhodes Robert Hedlund, whom she had with fellow actor and model Garret Hedlund. Since then the couple is often seen hiking and attending to daily earrings, but until now Emma had not been tasted shopping, much less in an open-air market.

The star of the Netflix movie “Holidate” took the opportunity to go to Baccos’s Wine + Cheese while in Boston and, incidentally, visited the Boston Open Market in Copley Square where he was looking at some denim jeans and even tried on a red jacket with white polka dots.

Those who recognized her approached her to greet her, Emma remained in good spirits and kept her smile to chat with her fans during her departure while looking for finds among the clothes.

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