Emma Raducanu explained what the routine is like after winning a Slam

The life of Emma raducanu made a 180 degree turn in less than three weeks. Although its irruption happened at Wimbledon, the reality is that it was shown to the whole world in the last edition of the US Open, tournament in which he prevailed from end to end: he won the 10 games he played (three in the previous phase and seven in the main draw) without giving up sets and only lost 50 games in total. His game adapted wonderfully to a very fast surface, he managed to overcome the pressure and showed that he has a tennis to be part of the elite of the circuit for many years. In that sense, the 18-year-old girl, who had finished her high school last May, reflected on what the routine is like after dedicating herself to a Grand Slam. From his visit to the financial center of New York to his participation in the MET fashion gala. “It was a different experience that opened my head. It is very good to be able to interact with people from other fields,” he stressed.

“I feel great. Everything that has happened to me in the last 72 hours has been a lot of fun and exciting. I have been busy, but I cannot complain at all because I have had incredible experiences in New York. I am grateful and very happy. Really, I haven’t assimilated yet (all the commitments he had to make), but every now and then I remember winning the US Open (laughs) “, he commented in an interview with the website of the WTA.

“When I was younger, I never imagined these opportunities existed off the court. In fact, the Grand Slam was a dream on its own. Everything else is about an added bonus. Anyway, what I appreciated the most was the moments with my team after that victory. The night after winning the US Open was the most special of my life because it was a pleasant moment in which we reflected on the last three weeks and the trip in general, “explained the British woman, who received messages of praise from Queen Elizabeth II to elite athletes such as Lewis Hamilton or Jürgen Klopp, who noted her as “the talent of the century”.


“I have been taught that I am very critical based on my high expectations. I think it is a good thing, but that sometimes it can be detrimental because one expects a lot of oneself when seeking to be perfect, a fact that is impossible. Anyway, Those standards and the work ethic that they have instilled in me from their experience helped me to do my best every time I go out on the track, “he said.


Beyond the stage of the celebration, now Raducanu’s task will be to be able to maintain his explosion and that it is not a passing achievement. Despite some possible logical ups and downs of his age and the precocity of such success, his objective will be directed to continue growing gradually. “After the US Open I wanted to rest for a week to disconnect from tennis completely after a very intense but rewarding month and a half. My next tournament might be Indian Wells, I don’t know yet“, he concluded.

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