Emma Corrin was killed in The Crown for this reason

Emma Corrin could lose her life in The Crown for this reason | Instagram

The actress Emma Corrin famous for her participation in the series “The Crown“He experienced great emotions by embodying his own”Lady di“, but nothing would compare with the strong moment in which his life was about to come to an end.

Who was Netflix’s great find since his participation in the plot written by Peter Morgan, “The Crown”, Emma corrin, who was crowned by acting in one of the most challenging roles, would not have such pleasant moments during filming, after in an instant his life almost ended.

“His life was at risk”

It was she herself who shared more details about the dramatic moment, which happened while she was doing her job: Her days were about to end, did she feel afraid?

I had a scene in a frozen swimming pool. I had to keep floating in the water and it was difficult in the water so cold. I did, but I had been filming for a while with a lot of coughing. After that scene my condition worsened. He began by explaining to Glamor magazine.

This scene was recorded in Spain, she and Josh O´ Connor (Prince Charles of Wales) recreated the tour of the royal couple, Carlos and Diana in Australia in 1983 “, confessed the 25-year-old star himself,

Supposedly, “that same night they should all return to England together”, however, their condition did not allow it, Emma-Louise Corrin herself would describe to Glamor magazine.

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“I’m asthmatic”

The complications were increasing to such a degree that, that same night, she decided to go to the doctor since her asthma played a trick on her after staying in the almost frozen water.

We went to the hospital to be prescribed an antibiotic and I ended up in the hospital. They did an oxygen test and they told me. Today you cannot get on a plane because your blood oxygen level is very low. What if I was afraid to die? A little, he assured.

In the midst of her short stay in the hospital, the “British actress” handed out autographs after a nurse recognized her, although at first her presence went unnoticed. “

The first day nobody recognized me, but the second day one of the nurses approached me and told me that they knew who I was and that they wanted to congratulate me “she said with a laugh.

The native of Royal Tunbrige Wells, UK, reveals that the nurses wanted to hide her from the press and suggested something that amused her a lot. Did you accept?

They offered me a cardboard bag to place on my head and thus prevent photographers from having images of me. I laughed a lot, but I turned down the offer. ”He commented.

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The interpreter who initially signed up to play the friend of Prince Charles of Wales, Camila Parker Bowles, ended up being the star that would steal all the attention in the fourth season of fiction that portrays the drama of royalty.

The story of Queen Elizabeth II and her family was so successful that even the royals themselves accused certain attacks on them thanks to the scenes particularly from the last two seasons of fiction.

It was the Prince of Wales himself, “Prince William”, and close friends of the family, who would come to his defense to point out that the episodes did not tell reality and even asked Netflix that each of the chapters should contain a clarifying message that it was just a fictional story.

However, the writer himself, Peter Morgan would reject this request by stating that it was absolutely unnecessary to clarify it to the viewers.

The fourth season in particular, was one of those that generated the most discomfort, particularly because it portrays the life of the aristocratic daughter of Count Spencer, Diana of Wales, who married Prince Charles of Wales with whom she would have a more than unhappy life.

According to the fiction, Diana’s sad life did not change when she became a princess, a marriage full of arguments, loneliness and misunderstanding, saving a certain part the two stages of her motherhood.

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Without a doubt, it would be the winner of the “Golden Globe” as “Best Actress” that acting Diana of Wales marked her deeply by delving into the life of the remembered “Princess of the people!

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