Emma Coronel spent Valentine’s Day in Culiacán, before being arrested

A week before she was arrested in the United States for drug trafficking, Emma Coronel Aispuro, wife of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, was visiting during Valentine’s Day in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

Last week, the former beauty queen was in the capital of Sinaloa, where she received various gifts for Valentine’s Day.

So far it is unknown what was the reason for the visit of the wife of the founder of the Sinaloa cartel, if it was for family or work reasons, since lately he had collaborated with different brands in the capital of Sinaloa.

Due to the Day of Love and Friendship, various stores established in Culiacán sent some details to the capo’s wife, for example, they include jewelry from the collection Elegance Jewelry; He also received a box of chocolates, with roses and a wine, from an exclusive shop.

But those present were not only for her, since the youngest daughters of the Sinaloan capo; Maria Joaquina and Emaly, they also received some gifts. The young mother published a video that is still on the official network of the store @queenbeautyyboutique the gifts for the twins with the message: Nice day princess!

As is customary in Culiacán, various stores send presents to women influencers, so that they increase their followers by sharing the presents, in order to be more popular and increase their sales.

It is unknown how the gifts were sent to the home of Colonel Aispuro, since businesses are characterized by sending gifts to the door of your home, also it was not clarified if they were part of a advertising method or some campaign in which the boss’s wife would participate in the next few days.

At the end of last year, Emma was also in Culiacán, and she celebrated the December dates with her family, in Sinaloa, where she took time to be the official face of a Lumaran bridal campaign, a beauty salon that adopts current tastes. of women in Sinaloa.

The young woman appeared modeling various makeups and was even seen dressed as a bride, with extravagant blonde hair.