Emir Pabon’s wife comes out of life-threatening surgery

Stefanía de Aranda She reappeared on social media with great faith and gratitude to inform her followers that she and her baby came out well after the surgery they entered this morning. The wife of Emir Pabon She is six months pregnant and entering the operating room put her life and that of her child at risk. Fortunately, things are going well, as she herself shared in her Instagram stories.

Stefanía de Aranda, wife of Emir Pabon© @ stefaniadearandaStefanía de Aranda reappeared on social networks with a message full of gratitude and faith

“Prayer is the best medicine and God is the best doctor. I can only say THANK YOU to each one of you for your prayers, “he wrote next to a religious image. “My baby and I came out of the operation very well,” she added to the reassurance of her followers and her husband’s, who had been very concerned about the situation.

“Miracles exist for those who believe in them. Cling to God, he does not fail, “he concluded with an emoji that indicated tears of happiness as well as the union of his family.

Stefanía announced yesterday afternoon that this Friday at 7:30 in the morning, she would enter the operating room. The fear was present, as she was at great risk due to her pregnancy and the injuries caused by the spectacular car accident she suffered in Houston, Texas, with her husband on June 11.

Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearandaStefanía is still in recovery

“It has been a very difficult few days. Today more than ever I thank God that my son, my husband and I are alive and I only put myself in his hands, fully trusting in him that everything will turn out well, in my God I trust 🥲🙏🏼 and in his hands we are! God multiply your prayers, I love you very much🤍 ”, she wrote full of hope, clinging to life and the dream of being able to meet her son soon.

Conscious and concerned

After several days in the hospital, the vocalist of Grupo Cañaveral returned home in a wheelchair, and explained the situation his wife and baby are experiencing, severe consequences derived from the crash allegedly caused by the driver of his taxi’s speeding. “It is a very complicated time that we are living because in the blow he received, fat came out of his bone and went up to his lung,” he said to various media.

Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearanda Emir Pabon is very worried about his wife and son

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