Emir Pabon’s wife breaks down in tears when talking about her baby

Calm seems to be returning little by little to the family of Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda, after the car accident they both suffered in Houston, Texas. Thanks to the successful medical work and messages of support from her followers, the model is recovering favorably from the complications of the accident as well as the surgery that put not only her life at risk, but that of the baby she is expecting. Calmer, she spoke about her current state of health and how complicated the past days were.

Stefanía de Aranda, wife of Emir Pabon© @ stefaniadearandaStefanía de Aranda is recovering favorably and will soon leave the hospital

“I am very happy, very grateful to God that I am fine,” she said, unable to contain her tears during a talk for the Ventaneando program. “God did the miracle for my baby and me that we were alive, that we went through some very difficult weeks, all of this was very hard,” he added. Grateful with this new chance in life, she said that at the beginning of the week she was finally able to get out of bed after three weeks of complete rest.

Calmer, she explained what she had experienced in recent days: “I had a heart catheterization, I was very nervous because of that, because of the fracture I had in my leg, they told me that a fat clot had gone to my lung. I couldn’t breathe ”. Grateful to the doctors, she said she was happy about this great miracle.

And it is that a few days ago, when Emir left the hospital, the outlook was delicate, because his wife had to enter surgery, but it was risky due to Stefanía’s six months of pregnancy. “Everything hurt, my legs, my head … but the only thing that didn’t hurt was my belly, the baby has always been fine,” she said happily about her son.

A shock that made her forget about the pregnancy

Stefanía de Aranda is in the sweet expectation of her first baby, a child that she and Emir Pabon long to hold; However, the shock of the accident was so great that it made the future mother forget that she was pregnant. “I was very scared because when the accident happened I was talking to my mother on WhatsApp, but when I woke up, I don’t know if I did it by myself or the paramedics, but I immediately spoke to my mother. I told him ‘I had an accident, I don’t know where I am,’ ”he explained.

Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearandaSefanía and Emir hope to leave this terrible experience behind soon

“As I didn’t remember and she was the one who asked me ‘how is the baby?’ And I ‘what baby?’, And she said ‘Stefanía, you are pregnant, you are six months old’. I remember that I started screaming, telling them to be careful what they gave me because I was expecting a baby. At that moment I went into shock and didn’t remember, ”he explained.

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