Emir Pabon and the delicate state of health of his wife and baby

Emir Pabón and his family remain very concerned about the state of health of Stefanía de Aranda, the singer’s wife. The woman, who is six months pregnant, continues in intensive care after the car accident in which she was involved with her husband on June 11. Both were traveling in a taxi through the streets of Houston, Texas, when, due to an alleged recklessness of the driver, they crashed into a pole. An accident that today puts Stefania’s life and her baby’s life at risk, according to Emir.

Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearanda Emir Pabón left the hospital this week, still injured and very concerned for his wife and baby

Stefanía has a double foot fracture, which could improve with surgery. However, doctors have not been able to intervene due to her advanced pregnancy and other complications that would not only put her life at risk, but that of the baby.

“We are asking many prayers for my wife who is still very delicate for her operation, for her treatment,” Emir said in an interview with Firsthand. The singer explained that the injuries are the result of the crash, as well as damage to the lungs, which caused a heart complication.

Emir Pabon and his wife, Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearanda The Grupo Cañaveral singer explained how delicate the situation his wife is in

“It is a very complicated time that we are living because in the blow he received, fat came out of his bone and went up to his lung,” he said before the cameras. For now, we just have to wait for him to improve a little: “Until that is relaxed, because the heart is working a little forced on the right side, they cannot do the surgery for the double foot fracture. The heart is very stressed and the lung is with that fat clot, “he added, concerned for the health of his wife and baby.

The vocalist of Grupo Cañaveral left the hospital this week. Due to injuries from the accident, he was unable to do so on his own feet and had to return home in a wheelchair.

She knows what’s up with her health

Emir said that Stefanía is aware, although she is in the intensive care area, where she evaluates what to do to improve her health without putting her baby’s life at risk.

Emir Pabon and Stefanía de Aranda© @ stefaniadearanda Emir and his family ask for prayers for his wife Stefanía and the baby they are expecting together

“She is aware, but she is very concerned,” said Emir, equally dismayed by the situation. “It’s not that you don’t want to listen to reality, but the doctors alert you. There are more than 10 doctors, they are trying to deliberate how they can do the operation for the baby, for his heart and for his lung. I have a lot of faith, ”he expressed hopefully, suddenly hugging his wife and welcoming their baby together.

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