Emily VanCamp explains Sharon Carter’s twist and teases her future

Image of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x06: One world, one town

Four days after the end of “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” / “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” fans continue to get used to the new state that exists in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the changes that the series has brought with it and, in the middle of all this, there is the radical turn that they have given to the character of Sharon carter.

Peggy Carter’s great-niece, was a SHIELD agent and later a CIA agent, but the series has left the revealing twist that it has gone to the other side, to the most opposite extreme, to place her as the Power Broker / Power Agent, an intermediary of merchandise and who also wanted to control the world, according to Karli Morgenthau in the series finale.


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The post-credit scene of the series showed her receiving forgiveness from the United States government, and relocating her to her job, to reveal after this that she was still doing business from behind and it seemed she was now going to be able to sell all the secrets of the American government. A shocking turn of events that now many do not know what to read.

The official Marvel website has published an official interview with actress Emily VanCamp, in which she talks about different issues, explaining the script twist they have given her, along with some of those involved in the series, in addition to commenting briefly future plans for the character.

Emily VanCamp upon discovering who is Power Broker

Image of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x04: The world watches usImage of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x04: The world watches us

On discovering that Sharon Carter is the Agent of Power, the actress shared what her initial conversations with the creative team were like:

I remember Malcolm [Spellman] He said, ‘Oh, wait to see what’s going on!’ I was very confused; I didn’t really know what they were talking about at first. I had just read maybe a script and was wondering if they were talking about those fight sequences.

However, for VanCamp everything quickly fell into place:

When I found out that Sharon is, in fact, the Agent of Power, it made a lot of sense, ”the actress explains. It really solidifies what all of this means to Sharon. We are getting to know this new version of her, and this type of character, unfortunately, It is the sad product of the series of events in which she was abandoned and left to her fate.. It is very fitting that she has been hurt and despised and that she has turned rebellious.

The series’ writer and executive producer, Malcolm Spellman, revealed that Sharon’s whereabouts were crucial to her evolution: “Sharon being anchored in Madripoor was this inherent intersection between what she was and what she will become.”

Co-executive producer Zoie Nagelhout added that this character “makeover” was necessary if they were to get her back.

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We knew that if we were going to bring Sharon Carter back, we had to redefine her. She risked her neck to help our boys and was literally left in the dark in the aftermath of Civil War. Essentially, he had his bow on screen, and now we’re catching up on what he experienced. [durante ese tiempo]. You discover the mystery of why it has changed and who it has become.

There is always the question of not losing the remains of the character and keeping elements of it, but keep exploring fully what happens to you when you are forced to survive for years. Its key mode is survival; that does something to a person.

Image of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x05: The truthImage of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x05: The truth

In preparing for this evolution into this more powerful and evil version of Sharon Carter, VanCamp revealed:

She was excited to be able to tell the story of where she has been and what she has done. It was important that we really define who he is now versus who he was then. The things haven’t been easy for Sharon, in this lawless land where she had to fend for herself. For her to thrive the way she is doing it makes sense for her to be this intimidating and bigger version and to do this display for the guys, it all works in her favor ultimately.

Regarding the Sharon’s reach of power, VanCamp detailed:

She is orchestrating many things from Madripoor. And as seen in episode 6, he decides to reappear outside of Madripoor and take matters into his own hands.

Sharon Carter and Karli Morgenthau’s past

Poster cutout dedicated to Karli Morgenthau in Falcon and Winter SoldierPoster cutout dedicated to Karli Morgenthau in Falcon and Winter Soldier

To the public, the presence of Power Broker was outlined from the beginning as a mysterious and omnipresent force that sent direct threats to Karli Morgenthau. Erin Kellyman, who plays Karli Morgenthau, revealed the past hinted at in the final showdown and why that betrayal caused the Power Broker to hunt down Karli throughout the series.

Sharon recruited Karli at a young age and trained her, ”Kellyman explained. She was going to create this little army of super soldiers. In episode 6, we learn that [Sharon] I wanted to control the world while I wanted to change it. That’s why Karli left and created the group, Los Sin Banderas. Sharon trained Karli for everything, she is the reason why Karli knows everything she knows, when it comes to fighting.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes

Image of Sam Wilson / Captain America and Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x06: One world, one townImage of Sam Wilson / Captain America and Bucky in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x06: One world, one town

By the end of the episode, everyone who knows of Sharon’s role as Power Broker has been eliminated, and she has received a full pardon from the United States government, as well as her old job back. Unbeknownst to our series’ titular heroes, Captain America (Sam Wilson) and Bucky Barnes, Sharon is unwilling to give up her power. In fact, he now plans to take advantage of his former position and sell government secrets to any willing buyer. About the decision that Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes don’t know the real role from Sharon Carter, Nagelhout explained:

The conflict doesn’t really involve Sam and Bucky; she’s not going for the two of them. She is on her own path, on her own mission. There was no need to complicate his relationship with them. You can help them and also be the Power Broker. We were interested that there was a duality in the character.

Looking at the futureImage of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x06: One world, one townImage of Sharon Carter in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (2021) 1x06: One world, one town

Finally, Sharon Carter is the one who closes the series with that final revelation that we mentioned before. The actress does not say much about what is coming in the future, but makes it clear that Sharon wants to return it to the government:

Obviously, she has a much bigger plan and it’s not for the greater good like before. As the person who plays the character, I understand that perspective; she no longer trusts the government and wants to beat them up a bit. What does it all mean? I do not know. We’ll see.

It is clear that we will see Sharon return in a future MCU project, although it is not yet clear which one. There are those who place her as a Skrull, taking her to the future series “Secret Invasion” and there are those who also see her as a character for the series “Armor Wars”.

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