Emily VanCamp admits that her kiss with Captain America complicated things in the MCU – Tomatazos

Emily VanCamp has had a limited passage through the MCU but her character did enough to make her mark in the minds of fans. During a new interview with Variety, the 34-year-old actress opens up about Sharon Carter’s close relationship with Steve Rogers. He admits that the kiss scene seen in Captain America: Civil War – 90% made things quite complicated in and out of the superhero cinematic universe.

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VanCamp She first appeared as Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier – 89%, a film in which she plays the niece of Peggy, Steve Rogers’ youthful love. But the sparks between Cap and Sharon were swift, and for Civil war they share a kiss that to some extent was criticized by fans of the saga; after all, she was the niece of the love of his life. Emily talks about that part of his character and how it has evolved lately.

There was quite a reaction to it. With Sharon, he always tried to fit in and these movies are too big and it’s completely understandable. Seeing who he has become over this long period of time, and independent of Captain America as we know him, is really interesting to me. The intrigue for me was to see who Sharon is now … I mean, look, you have to laugh. Some of these stories work and some don’t. But, you know, I thought it was an amazing movie. It’s just one of those things.

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But the actress defends Sharon and his new position in Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97%.

What we do know is that [Sharon] sacrificed an enormous amount for the cause. When he’s on the run, we don’t know where he’s been, but you can certainly imagine that there would be some kind of, you know, I mean, how do I say it? There’s a little more edge to Sharon than we’ve ever seen. She is no longer that wide-eyed young agent. She is a bit rough around the edges. Did we find out exactly what he had to do to be where he is now and survive? No. But we have a feeling that it has not always been easy, and that the sacrifices he made were not always worth it in his mind. It was great to see something on his shoulders that we had never seen before.

Falcon and the Winter Soldier allows us to know that Sharon Carter was greatly affected by the events observed in Civil war. He had to flee the United States and settle in Madripoor without the opportunity to contact his loved ones. The former SHIELD agent went on to be a notable hero, and fans want to see a lot more of her in the series’ next chapters.

The next chapter of Falcon and the Winter Soldier It will hit the Disney Plus platform this Friday, April 9. Audiences are eager for the next adventures of Sam and Bucky, who now enjoy the patronage of Baron Zemo, a character they released from prison. Although the three of them said goodbye to Sharon Carter in last week’s episode, it is likely that we will have another meeting again.

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