Emily Ratajkowski shows off her pregnancy on family outing

Em Rata and her husband Sebastian go for a family walk: soon there will be 4

As many of you know, the model “Em Rata” joined the list of celebrities who announced their pregnancy publicly in 2020.

On this occasion we meet Emily Ratajkowski and her husband, actor and producer Sebastian Bear-McClard taking a walk with their dog for a healthy drink in Los Angeles.

She wore a crop top and low-rise orange sweatshirts, showing off her bulging midsection.

This same year, Vogue interviewed her in which she confessed not wanting to know the sex of her baby: «When my husband and I tell friends that I am pregnant, the first question after ‘congratulations’ is almost always’ ¿ Do you know what you want? ‘ We like to answer that we will not know what sex it is until our son is 18 years old and that he will tell us at that time.

The truth is that it is one of the most anticipated pregnancies in the world of celebrities and there is less and less to know if the couple’s first baby will be a girl or a boy.

While that happens we will follow them closely.

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