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Edge of Tomorrow – 91% was a movie that surprised locals and strangers. In many ways, it had all the material to be a failure. For example, the idea of ​​a loop from which you must escape is something that has been seen ad nauseam, just like alien invasions. Also, the moment he arrived was one where the audience was rather tired of Tom Cruise. However, and against all odds, the film was praised by critics and had good numbers in its passage through the world box office.

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In recent years we have seen productions become more expensive and their profits triple, so although it had a decent box office sale, the film directed by Doug Liman did not turn out to be the success that was expected, so the chances of seeing a sequel were very few. Luckily, fans kept the idea alive and managed it to become a cult title in no time, so conversations to follow the franchise quickly began.

Tom cruise, Emily Blunt and Doug liman they always stated that they wanted to return to tell more of this story based on the novel All You Need is Kill from Hiroshi sakurazaka. In fact, a year ago Blunt herself confirmed that the plot was already established and that they were only waiting to go into production. Unfortunately, the pandemic affected the film world and put many projects at risk.

Long ago the sequel was about to happen, as Cruise was available. Unfortunately, it was Blunt who had to retire in order to film The Return of Mary Poppins – 74%. Now the actress is not so sure that the project is possible. During an interview with Howard Stern commented:

Honestly, I think the movie is too expensive. I don’t know how we can do it.

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The agendas of both actors rarely agree to work together, and although it is a problem to consider, what really limits the possibilities of the sequel is that there is no economic stability in the industry at the moment. Many productions fell apart, many others had to change their release dates, and still others had to sacrifice their box office earnings in exchange for a premiere on streaming services.

This definitely puts in perspective how budgets for filming are managed. Action and superhero movies have become a reliable way to win at the box office in recent years, so many production companies will try to keep investing to beat their red numbers. This could cause medium-sized films or those with not so popular proposals, those that can unexpectedly earn millions, to be left in production limbo.

While the puzzle about the sequel is solved, Blunt keeps working. This year, A Quiet Place Part II will finally arrive, whose first part directed by John Krasinski was one of the great surprises of 2018 for the science fiction and horror genre. For its part, Tom cruise keeps busy with Mission Impossible 7 Y 8As well as Top Gun: Maverick, which was due to be released in June 2020 and now hopes to hit theaters later this year.

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