Emilio Aragón announces in ‘El Resistencia’ that he is returning to television after 14 years of absence

Although he has been seen recently in La noche D or in Salvados, Emilio Aragón had not presented a program since 2007, when he was in charge of Los irrepetibles at the beginning of La Sexta.

The actor and musician decided to go behind the cameras these 14 years, making his directorial debut in 2010 with Pájaros de papel (which achieved two Goya nominations); he continued with the international film A Night in Old Mexico in 2013 directing Robert Duvall; or his return to work on television in 2016, but as creator, producer and director of the series Pulsations on Antena 3 with Juan Diego Botto.

This Wednesday he visited La Resistencia to present his new program in Movistar, BSO, an “eight-part television blockbuster that will combine interviews, live music, humor and cinema,” the network announced.

“We all have a soundtrack of our life and we will talk to guests about theirs, and we will interpret them”Aragon explained to Broncano about this new format: “It has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun,” he added.

Emilio Aragón y Grison, in ‘La Resistencia’ MOVISTAR

The new Movistar space will have live music, interviews, choreography, humor and great audiovisual productions, all directed by the showman who triumphed on the small screen thanks to his remembered role as Dr. Martín in Family Doctor or presenting the VIP Night contest, among other successes.

The guest did not hesitate to participate in Broncano’s proposals, and ‘took the position’ from Ricardo Castella, the program director, next to Grison to play the piano and make way for publicity from the musicians’ booth.