Emilie Nef Naf recently left France to settle in Italy. A surprise move that would have a relationship with his ex, Jérémy Ménez? The rumor swells …

Is Emilie Nef Naf again as a couple ? The young woman recently put down her suitcases in Italy where she now resides. It is true that the pretty brunette never hid her love for this beautiful country. But this unexpected move might have another reason. Indeed, according to the ExcluTV Instagram account, the reality TV candidate will bet in a relationship with her ex again, Jérémy Ménez.

Reunion in Italy?

The footballer is currently playing for Reggina 1914, a club based in southern Italy. Emilie Nef Naf would she follow her ex? Yep, the winner of Secret Story 3 is currently in the same region as her ex. It did not take more to arouse the suspicions of some Internet users.

Obviously, this information should be taken with a grain of salt. Very discreet when it comes to her private life, the young woman prefers not to comment rumors about her love affairs.

A see-saw love story

Separated for four years, Emilie Nef Naf and Jérémy Ménez lived a checkered relationship. After a first breakup in 2015, the two old cakes finally got rid of each other before they separated again the following year. But the two ex have always remained close, especially for the sake of their two children.

The end of “Moms and Famous”

It is besides alongside her daughter and her son that the pretty brunette did its big comeback on our small screens. Indeed, the young woman was featured in the first season of Moms and Famous. An adventure which she finally preferred to put an end to. Yes, between her business and her life as a mother, Emilie Nef Naf has a busy schedule. But may her fans be reassured, they can always follow her on social networks, where she is very active. Will she say more about his love life ? Case to be continued …