Émilie Fiorelli worried her subscribers. In recent days, the winner of Secret Story 9 (2015) was not present on social networks. So her fans thought that she had given birth or that something had happened to her. On July 29, 2020, the 30-year-old took to Snapchat to give her news.

The term of Loïc Fiorelli’s twin is scheduled for the end of August. It is therefore the last straight line for the Marseillaise who is already the happy mother of a little Louna (2 years old, born of her former love affair with M’Baye Niang). And what a straight line! Emilie is indeed not in top form and has not hidden it. “I have an unearthed head. I do not sleep anymore ! It’s official, at night I sleep very badly, I don’t know how to position myself anymore, it’s too hot, I am full of contractions. I think it’s hot for everyone, but when we are in the last month of pregnancy, it is not easy “, first explained the beautiful blonde.

Émilie Fiorelli then specified that she had just had an appointment with her gynecologist and that she could give birth to her son earlier than expected: “It was the ultrasound to estimate the final weight of the baby, since the at the start I am told that he is above average, that he is one of the big babies. I have a baby who is estimated to be around 4.2 kilos or 4.3 kilos at term. It’s pretty good. We’ll see if I can be triggered before. Every week I have monitoring, I have appointments. We are waiting to see how we will proceed, if there is a way to trigger a little before. Because between the contractions and the baby’s weight … we’ll see. “

The end of Emilie Fiorelli’s pregnancy is therefore far from idyllic. As if that were not enough, she has two small fears. She had to go to the emergency room on the weekend of July 11 and July 23 for Louna because of a traffic jam and a fall. As if that weren’t enough, she separated from M’Baye Niang for reasons that are not known.