On her Instagram account, Emilia Clarke shared a video of Emma Thompson reading an adorable poem about kindness!

On social networks, Emilia Clarke very often reveals things that are close to her heart. The young woman does not hesitate to highlight important figures. Recently she unveiled a poem about kindness.

This Thursday, August 6, Emilia Clarke posted a new video on her Instagram account. Her fans got to know Emma Thompson. The latter appeared reading a poem that leaves you thinking.

Emilia Clarke fans also seem very happy to see that she is very close to Emma Thompson. As a reminder, the two have also played together in the movie “Last Christmas”.

In the caption of her video, the pretty blonde also confided to her fans: “Emma Thompson, always glorious and wonderful, reads“ Kindness ”by Naomi Shihab Nye. Emma would like to dedicate this poem to our future us. And especially who we will be after this pandemic“.

Emilia Clarke very close to Emma Thompson

Emilia Clarke also added, “What a glorious feeling, filled to the brim with hope. What we need, what we still need the most“. Subsequently, she unveiled this poem.

And the least we can say is that she did sensation among his fans. Indeed, the latter seem very happy to have been able to enjoy this moment with Emma Thompson. It must be said that the latter is really very inspiring.

With her video, the Game of Thrones actress also collected more than 561,000 views in just two hours from her fans. The latter also thanked the two women for this lovely moment of partage on social networks.

Under this footage, his subscribers also wrote: “Unbelievable. Thank you for sharing. “, ” I love you both. “, ” She is awesome. “, ” Charming, thought-provoking. »But also« I like it all! Thank you “.

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