Emilia Clarke joins Secret Invasion, the Marvel series for Disney Plus

From swords and dragons to aliens and superheroes, that’s the path Emilia Clarke’s career will take. The protagonist of Game of Thrones – 93% have joined the cast of Secret invasion, one of the most anticipated Marvel installments for the series division that will be exclusive to Disney Plus. This is the second cast announcement for production this week.

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According to information from Variety, the actress Emilia clarke has landed a role in Secret invasion. Details about it have not been revealed, as it seems that the study wants to keep the surprises it has in store for the public. The show will follow the effort of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) to unmask a faction of Skrulls that have infiltrated positions of power on Earth.

Just yesterday it was reported that Olivia Colman, the Oscar-winning actress, was also in negotiations to join the show. This is not the case for Clarke, who is already being cast as part of the cast. This seems to be the next big franchise for the British interpreter who began her career on the hit HBO series as Daenerys Targaryen, a beloved character of the fans.

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Secret invasion is a series that takes its name from a comic book series in which Marvel characters must unravel a conspiracy of dangerous and fierce alien Skrulls to infiltrate and take over the planet. Kevin Feige, president of the studio, explained, when he announced the project at the end of last year, that he was interested in exploring the political intrigue and paranoia of adapting such a tale.

Clarke joining the Marvel universe points to a possible reunion between her and her Game of Thrones partner – 98%, Kit Harington. The actor had previously also joined this franchise for the Eternals film, which we will see in mid-November, as Black Knight. Although we do not know what character she will play, it is most likely that the studio wants to take advantage of her and not give her the role of any Skrull or human in the series.

Clarke was not only the Mother of Dragons in Westeros. The actress also became Sarah Connor in the ill-fated Terminator Genesis reboot – 25% and is also part of Star Wars canon as Qira, a character we saw for the first (and perhaps last) time in Solo: A Star Wars Story. – 56%. This character is a childhood friend of the smuggler and at the end of the film he ends up working for the sinister Darth Maul. Now possibly become a superheroine or ally of them in the new series.

Secret invasion does not have a release date yet. With the recent news about the cast, it is most likely that Marvel is planning to start production in the next few months. Do not despair. After all, we will have plenty of studio titles to enjoy as more is revealed about this particular title. For example, the season finale of Falcon and the Winter Soldier – 97% this Friday, the premiere of Loki in June and Black Widow in early July. So we’ll have Marvel for quite a while.

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