Many know her for her work of more than 20 years in the journalistic exercise related to art and culture. Since last year, Emelyn Baldera has decided to embark on the world of politics aspiring to a deputation for the Circumscription 1 of the National District, representing the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD).

Emelyn has made a commitment to serve people with the understanding that it is not a traditional policy and that makes it different. The upbringing and training that her parents gave her made her a sweet and sensitive woman, but with a strong character when she needs it.

She has chosen two positions, as councilor, and currently as a deputy for the PRD. But his goal is the same: to serve and help.

That is why he thinks that in our politics at the moment new blood is needed, leaders who seek to make the Dominican Republic a new country. So he is a faithful believer in the opportunities to make dreams come true.

This has been done since journalism. In his practice in the profession he learned to « give the opportunity to everyone who deserves it and who needs that opportunity. »

Remember that the first cover that was given to an urban artist in a Dominican newspaper was in LISTÍN DIARIO and he had the pleasure of telling that story through his pen.

“I wanted to reflect that artists are human, they are people and that many of them, in the case of urban people, have noble feelings. Although sometimes only the negative is discussed, I always bet on showing that other side of the artists and that is what I am going to continue doing through the congress ”.

Art project

It has always been connected to art and culture. Almost her entire career has been devoted to this field, developing in the pages of this newspaper until she became the second woman to occupy the presidency of the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte).

That is why Emely is determined to work to enhance culture with projects like creating a cultural emergency fund to help artists, craftsmen, filmmakers, etc.

As journalists, he has always defended the work of television producers and talents, as well as the content displayed there. So it also seeks to promote an audiovisual law that protects the quality that the Dominican people deserve.

Likewise, since his profession he has played an important role in music being a member of the Latin Recording Academy (Grammy Awards), so he has a strong commitment to our rhythms that define us as Dominicans.

From there, he plans to boost Dominican tourism more, turning Santo Domingo into a city that breathes merengue and bachata.

The idea is to promote these genres within the city, through alliances with owners of entertainment centers and open places, such as squares and parks, where music can be played at different times so that tourists can appreciate it.

“I envision this project as part of a public-private partnership. Within our city we have squares, parks that are not being used and that we could have many tourist attractions there, « says Baldera.