Culinary activities, storytelling, games, arts and sciences. Everything suitable for the age group, between four and six years old, which is served by the Nelson Mandela Municipal School of Infant Education, which is in the North of São Paulo. The goal is to maintain the pedagogical content that would be applied in the classroom through social networks.

“Our school already had the practice of using social networks to publicize the work, so when the City announced that the recess would be early, the mother of a student talked to me, asking if the teachers could send some activities for the children to carry out in this period “, says Jaqueline Cibele Vioto Rinaldo, director of EMEI Nelson Mandela.

With the end of the recess, on April 9, the mother’s suggestion was the subject of an online meeting with the teachers. “And the group decided that, in addition to entertaining the children, it would be nice to keep our bond with students, families and keep the pedagogical project of our school alive. Then, the teachers started producing the first videos”, she explains.

From there, the videos, which are also based on material sent by the São Paulo city hall entitled ‘Trilhas de Aprend Aprendiza’, started to be published on Instagram.

Marina Perlman, who works at EMEI Nelson Mandela and at a private school, says that many ideas for activities are reused. “I have been taking ideas from EMEI and transporting them to the private school. The Nelson Mandela team is very dedicated and creative and they are managing to reach places they do not even imagine, like this school that I work, which is Jewish”, says the teacher.

Marina Basques Masella has been working with education for seven years and says that meetings between teachers at EMEI are weekly to combine the planning of the posts.

“We have already gone through many phases in this new scenario and doubts that arose after the pandemic. We think first of the bond and affection that we want to maintain with the children at that moment, in the current situation that is placed inside the houses for the children. families, which is not easy for anyone. Mapping the context that children live in their homes today is very important “, he says.

The activities are proposed considering the pandemic scenario and the political-pedagogical project of the school, with the principles of EMEI Nelson Mandela, even in distance learning activities.

Teachers have received feedback from parents about posts in comments and even their personal profiles. “Mothers and fathers find me on the social network and send audios and photos of the children. I ended up opening up to these more informal channels because, since we don’t have an official platform yet released for early childhood education, social networks end up being the only communication vehicle that we have with families “, emphasizes Marina.

Ana Cristina Silva Godoy, one of the teachers, adds that the school community also participates in publications. “Sometimes family members are responding, sometimes they are followers of the school pages. In recent weeks, families have been more participative, giving feedback on activities, posting videos, photos of the children who are studying that year or who have already studied. Even with 600 more views, we know that we cannot reach all children. And this is one of our concerns: how to reach all and how to improve it “, he concludes.

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Socio-emotional skills are always worked on at school. In one of the videos published on the EMEI Nelson Mandela website, students meet ‘Senhor Coron’, a character created based on the new coronavirus and who explains to the children, in a playful way, about what is happening in the pandemic.

“Do you know Mr. Coron ?! He has been walking around a lot! This delicate animation is a playful way of approaching the topic with children and presents ideas on how to deal with the various emotions that this moment can arouse. Shall we watch?”, invites publication on Instagram.

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