Elsa Pataky is ready to steal sighs in the movie “Interceptor”

Elsa Pataky has resumed her acting career by agreeing to participate in the film “Interceptor” directed by Matthew Reilly.

Although Elsa Pataky’s acting career began in 1997, she also has a long history of modeling projects, as a journalist and producer that adds to her relationship with Chris Hemsworth and a recent work as a healthy lifestyle guru to ensure that it is a star with its own shine that deserves the fame it has.

Long ago, Elsa stopped being simply an actress to be a person of flesh and blood who gets involved with the causes she promotes and is committed to each of her projects until she makes the viewer feel empathy with her performance.

Seeing her working with two stuntmen we can imagine the level of physical demand that her character JJ Collins requires to play in “Interceptor”, where she plays a lieutenant on a mission to save humanity after nuclear missiles are launched at the United States.

In preparation for her role, Elsa has trained with instructors from centrfit, her husband Chris Hemsworth’s app that makes available all the staff who have sculpted Thor in real life, from his nutritionists to his sports consultants.

Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky travel in style – and their pets!

One of them is Ross Edgley, who holds the record for having done the longest sea swim in the world (1,780 miles); In addition, Elsa has also been advised by Ingrid Kleinig, from whom she has learned to do film tricks.

Fortunately, the movie is being shot in Australia just like Thor: Love and ThunderSo her family has been able to be much closer while she dedicates herself to being a heroine in fiction, of which her children can later be proud.

In some interviews, Chris has revealed that his children believe that he is actually a superhero; However, it is not the same perception that they have of their mother and perhaps after this movie, that idea of ​​India, Tristan and Sasha will change.

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