If there is one thing we have to be clear about, it is that fighting against the forces of nature is never a good option. The latest victim of this has been Elsa Pataky, who she was surprised by a flood while driving her car. The actress thought that she would be able to pass it without problems, but the reality was not like that and she ended up looking trapped.

Elsa Pataky in ‘The Land of the Tides’

Although the moment was charged with tension, Pataky never lost the humor that characterizes her, taking advantage to share the situation she was experiencing on social networks. Through a stories, he wrote « great, Elsa, great », alluding to launching into the adventure and trust that the large dimensions of your car would be enough to face the flood was not the best idea.

And so it happened. Among all the crowd that formed, on the other side of the flood were Chris Hemsworth, Thor’s interpreter and husband of the Madrilenian, and their children. These, without being able to do anything, they witnessed how the actress of ‘The land of the tides’ was alone in the face of danger, trapped in her car in what was waiting for help to free herself.

Risky exit

Finally, the only option that Elsa Pataky had left to be able to abandon her vehicle and overcome that bad moment of the flood was go out the window. And that was how he did it, as reflected in a video recorded by one of the people in the vicinity. With the water by the kneesHe managed to make that episode just a scare and to reunite with his family again.