Elsa Jean tells the worst thing that happened to her recording “movies”

Elsa Jean tells the worst thing that happened to her recording “movies” | Instagram

Without a doubt the actress Elsa Jean has not given away interesting content on Instagram, but this time it was a video interview that conquered her followers, because she told her worst experience when recording a scene for one of your movies.

As you know Elsa jean He works in the world of cinema and entertainment for adults, has become a celebrity and will surely continue to do so since he is barely 24 years old.

On April 4, a video on YouTube on the translated Podcast channel, where he revealed this unpleasant experience, we will share it with you right away.

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The model and actress said that one of the couples with whom she was filming a scene had a slight problem because she “went ahead” and she ended up giving it away, because they needed to record.

Because he had only “sat” twice on his lap and had reached the end in a hurry, the guy ended up crying after Elsa dream told him to recover quickly and even spoke to his parents for comfort.

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The video in which Jean appears has more than 6 thousand reproductions, some Internet users did not think it was good that the model was laughing a bit at the situation, it should be noted that they are professionals who dedicate themselves to it and that this happens to them is something surprising you believe.

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