Elsa Jean black swimsuit, Enhance her charms!

Elsa Jean black swimsuit, Enhance her charms! | Instagram

Elsa Jean has known her for a few weeks actress of movies for adult entertainment, shared two striking photos on Instagram in Swimwear.

Elsa jean She became an actress and a celebrity in the adult film industry in 2015, a year later she opened her Instagram account, where she has delighted the pupil of her fans with her content.

On this occasion, she published two photos, in them she appears showing her charms like a whole blonde diva, while she was semi-reclining apparently near the pool.

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The beautiful model and actress shows her curvy figure while the sun rose her delicate and white skin, in a second photograph she appears next to a friend.

Both Elsa Jean and the young woman are wearing two-piece swimsuits in black and also black sneakers, both are posing very flirtatious for the camera.


From what can be seen in the second image, the models were on the roof or perhaps the helipad of a tall building, since other buildings are visible behind it.

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In her description she only wrote “Tan”, this time she did not write the name of the young woman who accompanied her in the second image of her publication.