Elsa and Elmar sing to self-love in their most visual album to date

Regarding the look, the raincoat that Elsa wears is of Burgo MX, with Swarovski crystal applications applied by the designer Julio Jordán. The green hoodie and pants belong to the Alonso Murillo collection.

(Photo: Diego Guillén)

“The video is the representation of the fragile, the harmless and out of control that we feel when we are trapped in a place from which we want to escape but have not yet found the strength to do so, ”says the Colombian. It was recorded in CDMX, directed by Daniel Uribe and produced by Pandora.

We are very aware of the second part of this story and we can’t wait to see Elsa’s second visual single. For now, you can already listen ‘How far does he fall in love‘on Spotify and on streaming platforms.

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